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A biblically informed education takes a student’s God-given talents, gifts, and passions and prepares them to serve effectively and immediately. At Grace we have partnerships that offer students a non-traditional path toward degree completion. Our Partnership Agreements allow students who complete these programs to have their certificate acknowledged as transfer credit at Grace Christian University. The credit amount will vary based on partnership and degree path at Grace.

SMAT Aviation

Grace Christian University partners with School of Missionary Aviation Technology (SMAT) to offer students opportunities related to missionary aviation.

Grace Christian will honor work done at SMAT toward an Associate or Bachelor degree. Students may combine SMAT training and Grace Christian University coursework in multiple ways to meet their goal.

Acceptance to Grace Christian does not guarantee acceptance to SMAT. All Financial Aid and Billing are handled separately. Students pursuing this path should connect with SMAT to ensure they are accepted into the program and to understand the costs and commitment of this certificate program.

Degree Options


Students earn 48 prescribed credits at Grace and a SMAT diploma for which Grace grants 12 credits. These credits would apply toward an Associate of Arts degree for a total of 60 Grace credits.


Students first earn Associate degree (60 credits) from Grace Christian University and then transfer to SMAT for a diploma.


Student earns one of the following SMAT diplomas which transfer as a block of credits toward the On-Campus B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies or toward an Online Undergraduate Bachelor program*:

  • SMAT Aviation Maintenance Technology diploma – 36 credit hours* 
  • SMAT Aviation Flight Training diploma – 36 credit hours*
  • Both Maintenance and Flight Training – 48 credit hours**

* All students must complete the Arts and Sciences and Bible and Theology Core requirements appropriate for the declared degree program.

** For SMAT students who complete both the SMAT Aviation Maintenance Technology diploma and the SMAT Aviation Flight Training diploma (48 total Grace credits awarded) and are seeking to complete a Bachelor degree at Grace, the student needs to complete at least 12 credits of upper division (UD: 300 or 400-level) credits through Grace during the last year of study. Students may also pursue non-degree options to obtain needed credits for their missionary aviation goals.

Tuition Information

SMAT Aviation Flight Training (36 credit hours)
SMAT Aviation Maintenance Technology(36 credit hours)

Grace Adventures

We recognize not every student is ready to start college the moment they graduate from high school. At Grace Christian University, we partner with Grace Adventures to offer Gap Year programs that give students the chance to continue growing as a person while earning credits towards a degree.

There are two programs available: Ascent Gap Year Internship and PACE Ministry Apprenticeship. If both programs are completed successfully, Grace Christian University awards a total of 30 elective credits.

Ascent Gap Year Internship

Provides students with personal and professional goal setting, biblical and leadership training to help students mature. The Ascent program works to provide recent high school graduates a place to develop and grow before entering a university or seeking gainful employment.

Grace awards 18 elective credits for completion of Ascent program.

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PACE Ministry Apprenticeship

The Pace program is a 14 month program with Grace Adventures that helps students gain ministry and life skills. Students receive one on one coaching and a housing and living stipend. Students will work full time in an active camp gaining ministry and professional experience with a focus on character development.

Grace awards 24 elective credits for completion of PACE Ministry Apprenticeship.

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Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

The MTA eases the transfer of credits for students who choose to begin their studies at a Michigan community college. Completion of the MTA requirements will satisfy Grace Christian University’s 30-credit Arts and Sciences Core requirements.

In cases where the MTA is earned as part of an A.A. or A.S. degree, a minimum of 60 credits will be accepted in transfer and evaluated for application toward the student’s Grace major program. Grace advisors are available to assist in identifying the community college credits that will apply toward Grace degree requirements.

Contact the Registrar’s Office at or  (616) 538-0599 for further information about these requirements.

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