Student Ministries

On-Campus Student Ministries

Serving in the Church, in the Community, and Beyond

For students at Grace Christian University, learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Each student follows a track of courses requiring real world experience through serving and volunteering, whether that’s with a local non-profit, a church, or an on-campus organization.

Through this service, our students are encouraged to follow the example of Jesus Christ, are provided with practical experience in various fields of Christian life, develop habits that will continue throughout their entire lives, and explore their gifts and talents through serving in various environments across their college career.

Grace students sitting around a table in the Dining Hall.

Are you a local church, ministry, or other organization seeking student volunteers?

Organizations can connect with students by visiting our campus at our annual ministry fair or arranging to visit at another time. For more information on our annual ministry fair or to ask questions about student volunteers from Grace Christian University, please contact Jim Gamble, Dean of Students, at or (616) 261-2694.

Grace students serving the campus by leading people in worship during a Chapel service.
Worship & Tech Team | Testimonies

Chapel Services

Chapel is an amazing place where students, staff, and faculty get to learn and worship together. Students can volunteer to help with the music ministry, and tech team which are both great learning opportunities.

Student testimonies are a tradition for Friday chapel where students share the stories of how God has been faithful in their lives. If you have a testimony you would like to share in chapel contact Jim Gamble.

    Transformational Relationships

    Small Groups & Bible Studies

    Small groups are led by our Resident Assistants and other various Bible studies are led by student leaders. Contact Student Affairs to learn about how you can lead a Bible Study. 

    A group of Grace Students sitting in a circle outside, doing a bible study.
    A diverse group of Grace students laughing and talking in the Commons.
    Servant Leaders

    Student Government

    Student Government’s mission is to serve Grace students by cultivating a Christ-like community. This is done through prayer for students, student encouragement, funding student ideas, and event hosting.

      Leadership experience

      Student Organizations

      Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles within a number of student-led organizations. These roles offer opportunities to support peers, shape campus activities, and unity within the community. Students develop leadership skills while contributing to growth of themselves and their fellow classmates.

      A diverse group of On-Campus Grace Students around a table playing a board game.
      Two Grace students talking over coffee at a coffee shop as part of a Mentorship Program.
      Supporting eachother

      Mentorship Programs

      Minister to other students by getting them connected with a Godly mentor that will help them grow in their faith and succeed in their education.

          Students helping Students

          Academic Support Center

          The Academic Support Center has opportunities for students to become On-Campus Academic Success Coaches or help with paper review. This is a great way to serve fellow students and help them achieve their academic goals. For more information on how you can get involved contact Erinn Huebner or (616) 264-6660.

          Grace On-Campus students in a classroom setting.
          Happy Grace students walking around the beautiful Grace Christian University campus.
          Keep the Campus safe for everyone

          Campus Safety

          Join the campus safety team and help keep the campus safe for everyone.

              Mission Trips | Study Abroad

              Cross-Cultural Experience

              The world has become a place of continually mixing cultures. Whether students serve as missionaries overseas, teachers in local schools, Christians in business or any other type of service, the ability to live and work with people of different cultures is a critical skill.

              One way Grace students develop this skill is through participating in short-term mission trips. In the past few years, students from Grace have traveled to Tanzania, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Washington, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, and New York. Trips like these provide our students with crucial opportunities to connect with people from different cultural backgrounds while growing their skills in ministry.

              A group of Grace students travelling overseas
               Grace Students

              Are You Looking for a Place to Serve?

              If you want more information on how to get involved, click the button below to email the Dean of Students, Jim Gamble.

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