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We prepare students to be courageous ambassadors for Christ far beyond their college years.

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Earn Your Diploma Affordably

We believe that stewarding our resources well, honors Christ. We offer an affordable, Christ-centered college experience so that when you leave Grace, you don’t have to be weighed down by heavy debts.

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Experience Rich Christian Community

At Grace, you’ll have the opportunity to develop deep and lasting relationships with professors, staff, and fellow students.

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Deepen Your Relationship With Jesus

Grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through our core Bible classes – regardless of the degree you choose.

Explore On-Campus Programs

Arts & Sciences
Bible & Ministry
Business Innovation & Public Service

School of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Science


The Communication program provides students with competencies in understanding culturally diverse communication processes, relational communication, communication strategy formulation and implementation, and adaptability.

Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Science

Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies program at Grace Christian University will enhance students' desire to see effective change in the world with opportunities to think through complex problems to come up with creative solutions. This program offers the ability to build upon a biblical foundation providing the tools to be a creative problem solver and world changer.

Grace Students in a classroom with a laptop
Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts program is designed to meet the Art and Science core required of students while intertwining our biblical core. The school aims to develop passionate servants of Jesus that emphasize the integration of character transformation, ministry experience, and biblical truth.

School of Bible & Ministry

Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Science

Biblical Studies

The mission of the School of Bible and Ministry is to prepare students for vocational Christian ministry by developing a foundational knowledge of the Bible and theology, ministry principles and practices, and by nurturing the personal character necessary for a life of service to Jesus Christ.

students reading Bible
Bachelor of Science

Leadership & Ministry

Students are challenged to think biblically about all aspects of life, develop spirituality in themselves and others, enhance their ministry skills and engage with the world. The curriculum mixes practical and theoretical knowledge through classroom work, research, and real-world experience.

School of Business Innovation & Public Service

Business student in front of a laptop
Bachelor of Science


Students will learn to utilize a variety of field experiences with businesses, real-world case studies, role-playing, and group projects for developing business opportunities and ventures in society. The program is committed to leveraging the use of current technology in every discipline.

Business Management
Bachelor of Science

Business - Management

Student will learn Christian principles in marketing function with fundamental business enterprise concepts and principles of management, leadership, economics, finance, and accounting.

Business Marketing
Bachelor of Science

Business - Marketing

Students will gain an understanding of the Christian call to business as a ministry. Demonstrate mastery of business disciplines by using real-world businesses in addition to the classroom environment to make an impact on an organization’s productivity and profitability through various disciplines.

Criminal Justice Professor teaching student in front of a classroom
Bachelor of Science

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice degree gives a broad overview of the field and the unique challenges of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. It provides a biblically-informed, interdisciplinary education in the human services field, having theoretical knowledge and application for real-world Christian service.

Human Services student serving in the community.
Bachelor of Science

Human Services

The Human Services program provides a comprehensive understanding of helping and healing relationships that enable graduates to serve individuals, families, and society. Its purpose is to develop practitioners who are biblically-informed, ethical thinkers who can apply their knowledge to serve others.

Two Psychology students praying at table in the Commons.
Bachelor of Science


The science of psychology goes beyond diagnosing and treating mental illness. Students majoring in the science of psychology learn how to ethically use research to improve people’s lives with respect to the family, employment, and recreation.

Admission Requirements

At Grace Christian University our admission requirements look at the consistency in your academic experience instead of a singular test score. We are a test-blind school and do not require an ACT or SAT. Our admission requirements are designed to ensure that students admitted to Grace Christian University have the academic ability to successfully complete course work and graduate as courageous ambassadors of Christ.

First Time Freshman
Transfer Students
International Students

First Time Freshman

Thank you for your interest in Grace Christian University! You are entering some of the most shaping and exciting years of your life. We believe the education and community at Grace will provide a supportive environment for you as you continue to discover God’s plan for your life and prepare for your career.


High School GPA of 2.7 or higher.
Students below a 2.7 are encouraged to apply. There is an opportunity for conditional acceptance to Grace. Students who are conditional accepted will be required to complete a few extra steps.

Grace Christian University is a test-blind school. Grace made the decision to go test-optional because we recognize that the consistency in a student’s GPA is a larger Indicator of their collegiate success.


Follow up with your high school and references to make sure we receive the following:

  1. Official High School Transcript (Homeschool Students – see note below)
  2. Official College Transcripts (if student dual-enrolled at another college)
  3. Complete the Christian Life Assessment
  4. Educator Reference (if needed); After we receive all the needed application pieces, you should hear from the acceptance committee within two weeks. Feel free to contact your Enrollment Advisor at any point to check on your application’s status.

Grace Christian University is committed to being a homeschool friendly environment! As a growing yet personal Christian college, Grace offers quality academics, competitive athletics, and a nurturing spiritual environment for students looking to grow in their faith. Grace is a great choice for homeschool students desiring a valuable education and positive personal development.

The educator’s reference may be completed by the program facilitator. Official transcripts should be signed by the parent or facilitator.

Transfer Students

At Grace Christian we welcome transfer students and want to ensure each student has a clear understanding of how their transfer work will be applied toward their major at Grace. Every Student will be given a transfer evaluation as part of their admission process.


If the student has taken college coursework after graduating from high school, the student is considered a transfer student.

  • Official transcripts from all colleges previously attended must be submitted. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all previous college coursework is required. Official high school transcript or equivalent is required for students with fewer than 15 semester hours of transferable credit (courses passed with a C- or better). It is the responsibility of the applicants to have their transcripts sent directly to the University.
  • Students applying with a cumulative GPA lower than a 2.0 will be required to submit an essay and an educator reference which will be reviewed by committee. Those admitted by the committee will be conditionally accepted.

Students may be admitted based on unofficial transcripts; final official transcripts must be submitted before the student registers for the second semester of classes.

  • All College transcripts
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Complete the Christian Life Assessment
  • If Cumulative GPA lower than 2.0:
    • Educator Reference
    • Essay

After we receive all the needed application pieces, you should hear from the acceptance committee within two weeks. Feel free to contact your Enrollment Advisor at any point to check on your application’s status.

  • Obtained by a regionally or ABHE accredited institution.
  • 100-level or higher.
  • Achieved a C- or higher for the course.
  • Courses from an unaccredited Bible college may be accepted with written proof of acceptance from three other accredited institutions.
  • Once transfer credits have been granted, a subsequent change of program or major may result in a change in the number of transfer credits accepted.

International Students

Thank you so much for your interest in Grace Christian University! We trust you will find our personal community to be a home away from home while you pursue your academic studies and grow in your relationship with Christ.

Before applying, please read the following information:

Grace Christian University does not currently offer any international scholarships. Before registering for classes, international students must submit Grace’s Statement of Financial Proof and an original financial document dated within the last 6 months showing the capacity to pay the full tuition price before beginning.


Step 1
Submit the International Application.

Step 2
Submit the following supporting documents:

  • Copy of Proof of Citizenship (passport, ID, etc).
  • Official High School Transcript (must be translated in English and evaluated course-by-course) . Evaluations and translations can be done at
  • Official College Transcripts (if applicable)
  • English Test Score (ACT, SAT, TOEFL) ** If English is not your country’s primary language, we require TOEFL test scores. TOEFL Code for Grace Christian University: 1265; Minimum required scores: 80 for the internet test and 550 for the written test
  • Recommendation Letter from a Pastor or Christian Leader
  • Recommendation Letter from an Educator or Teacher
  • Statement of Financial Proof Form

Step 3
Once accepted, secure housing and class registration by submitting a $200 deposit.

Step 4
Certificate of Eligibility: Once your deposits have been processed, the International Student Advisor will send you your Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 Form).

Step 5
Pay the $100 SEVIS fee.

Step 6
Sign your I-20 form and set up an appointment to apply for your student visa at your country’s consulate office.

Please bring the following to the consulate:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of sufficient finances
  • Proof of English proficiency

Step 7
Upon receiving your student visa, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office to inform us. At that time we will register you for your semester classes.

After we receive all the needed application pieces, you should hear from the acceptance committee within two weeks.

Feel free to contact your Enrollment Advisor at any point to check on your application’s status.

3 Easy Steps to Admission


Connect With Us

Fill out this form and we will have an advisor answer any questions you have about Grace, financial aid, programs, or anything that is on your mind.


Submit Your Application

Fill out the application form, and someone will reach out to you within minutes. No entrance exam needed. A full list of required documents is in the Documents to be Submitted section above.


Make Your Deposit

To secure your enrollment, you must submit a $200 deposit. This deposit is refundable until May 15.


Financial Aid Options

The Financial Aid Office at Grace desires to help students and their families gain access to several financial aid sources, such as grants, scholarships, Work-Study, and loans, so that each student will have an opportunity to be a part of the Grace experience.

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Why Grace Christian University

The Bible is Central

At Grace, you are more than just a student. You are a person with unlimited potential made in the image of a loving God. We understand that your calling and career path will be as unique as you are. At Grace you will experience a Bible centered education no matter your major.


Why? No matter your vocation you are called to be Image Bearers of Christ. Students who attend Grace will see scripture permeated throughout their course work and be pushed to grow spiritually.

Grace Christian University is accredited by both the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). ABHE is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education and has designated Grace Christian University as an institute of higher education in which the Bible is central and the development of Christian life and ministry is essential.

Accepted Students

Three male Grace students having a conversation in the Aldrich Athletic Center Gym.


Congratulations on your admission to Grace Christian University. For over 75 years, we’ve equipped students to make an eternal impact wherever they go. We are excited for you to discover an educational experience rooted in authentic community.

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