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With Grace Christian University’s online degrees, you can further your education no matter where you are. Our online programs are designed to help you become equipped for the Lord’s calling on your life, while working through your classes anytime, anywhere. Grace’s online degrees offer the same, high-quality level of education as our on-campus options. Each degree also includes required Bible and Theology courses. No matter what track you choose, you’ll graduate with a deeper knowledge of God and His Word, prepared to make an eternal impact wherever you go.

What Makes Grace Unique

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Earn Your Diploma Affordably

We believe that stewarding our resources well, honors Christ. We offer an affordable, Christ-centered college experience so that when you leave Grace, you don’t have to be weighed down by heavy debts.

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Experience Rich Christian Community

At Grace, you’ll have the opportunity to develop deep and lasting relationships with
professors, staff, and fellow students.

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Deepen Your Relationship With Jesus

Grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through our core Bible classes – regardless of the degree you choose.


Online Programs

Explore faith-driven education with our diverse array of schools. From theology to business, each school offers a unique lens through which to view the world, rooted in our shared values and commitment to excellence. Discover your passion and purpose within our supportive community of learners, where faith and knowledge intersect to shape leaders of tomorrow.

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Associate of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Elective Tracks
Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree allows students to get started on their academic program while still discerning the career path God is calling them to. It is perfect for students who want to lay a solid biblical foundation before continuing further studies. You will receive an overview of communication, humanities, science, social science, theology and the Bible. You will also have the option of pursuing one of four emphasis areas.


The Bachelor of Science in Business program will provide you with the foundational principles needed for a vocation in the world of business. Whether you want to work with for-profit or non-profit organizations, this program will equip you with an understanding of business operations through a biblical worldview.


The Bachelor of Science in Communication program will equip you to evaluate communication technology and its effects on society through a biblical worldview. Students will learn to navigate the complexities of global communication strategies and communication processes from different cultures.

Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program gives students the skills needed to navigate the complexities of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Through practical and biblical training, this program prepares you to courageously live out your calling in the field of criminal justice.

Human Services

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Human Services program will study inter-personal communication, ethics, group dynamics, and psychology. Through this program, you will learn to be an effective worker in the field of human services and gain the ability to apply biblical wisdom and ethics to real-world problems.

Leadership & Ministry

The Bachelor of Science in Leadership & Ministry program prepares students for a vocation in ministry through training in the Bible, Christian doctrine, and basic ministry tools. If you want to understand, articulate, and teach the faith effectively, this program is for you!


The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program will equip students to holistically improve the lives of others through psychology. This program covers more than just learning to diagnose and treat mental illness – students will learn to help patients with regard to psychology, sociology, biology, and spirituality.


An elective track is a group of four courses grouped together based on a single topic. Students may select a single elective track or select four individual electives. The strategic choice of electives allows the student to tailor a selected degree to their personal or career pursuits or to explore topics of interest. Elective Tracks do not appear on the diploma, nor are they documented on the student’s official transcript.

The following elective tracks can be added to the Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Leadership and Ministry, and Psychology.

Elective Track Options

Business Track

Choose 12 Credits from the Following:
  • BUS 255: Fundamentals of Business Law
  • BUS 430: Management of Marketing
  • BUS 465: Finance and Budgeting for Managers
  • BUS 470: Personnel Development
  • BUS 475: Operations Management
  • BUS 485, Strategic Management
  • ECO 305: Introduction to Economics
  • MKT 265: Social Media Marketing
  • Elective course(s) chosen in consultation with the Academic Advisor

Criminal Justice Track

Choose 12 Credits from the Following:
  • CJS 310: Criminal Law
  • CJS 315: Criminal Procedure
  • CJS 330: Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • CJS 350: Criminology and Social Deviance
  • CJS 370: Juvenile Law and Delinquency
  • CJS 440: Culture, Crime, Ethics and Justice
  • PSY 325: Social Psychology
  • PSY 456: Survival Psychology
  • Elective course(s) chosen in consultation with the Academic Advisor

Global Communication Track

Choose 12 Credits from the Following:
  • COM 210: Foundations of Communication
  • COM 220: Intercultural Communication
  • COM 250: Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 330: Culture and Conflict Communication
  • COM 350: Leadership and Group Communication
  • COM 370: Crisis Communication
  • COM 420: Public Relations
  • Elective course(s) chosen in consultation with the Academic Advisor

Leadership & Ministry Track

Choose 12 Credits from the Following:
  • BIB 342: Life of Christ
  • LEA 273: Issues in Christian Leadership
  • LEA 472: Mobilization of Volunteers
  • MIN 362: Marketplace Ministry
  • MIN 467: Basic Counseling
  • THE 348: Biblical Perspectives on Wealth and Poverty
  • Elective course(s) chosen in consultation with the Academic Advisor

Pastoral Studies Track (Leadership & Ministry Students Only)

Choose 12 Credits from the Following:
  • COM 220: Intercultural Communication
  • MIN 415: Ministry of the Local Church
  • THE 335: Principles and Practice of Worship
  • MIN 462: Teaching and Preaching
  • BIB 408: Genesis
  • PSY 363: End of Life Matters
  • WOM 300: Women in Church Administration and Leadership
  • YTH 300: Philosophy and Theology of Youth Ministry
  • Elective course(s) chosen in consultation with the Academic Advisor

Social Sciences Track

Choose 12 Credits from the Following:
  • CJS 440: Culture, Crime, Ethics and Justice
  • COM 250: Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 330: Culture and Conflict Management
  • COM 400: Popular Culture and Communication
  • PSY 310: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 325: Social Psychology
  • PSY 361: Psychology and Culture of the Aging Process
  • PSY 363: End of Life Matters
  • PSY 467: Memory Loss and Aging
  • Any other SOC, PSY or CJS course(s) chosen in consultation with the Academic Advisor
Military Benefits

Discover a Military-Friendly School

We are grateful for the courageous men and women who serve our country. If you’re a veteran, active duty service member, or military spouse, be sure to check out our military scholarships, tuition assistance, and other benefits.

Hispanic Programs

Programas en español

Discover a supportive community where your needs are understood and embraced. Through the Hispanic Center—or Centro Hispano—you can tap into valuable resources, ensuring your success and growth in every aspect of your educational journey.

4 + 1 Program

Earn a Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree in 5 Years!

With our 4 + 1 Program, you can streamline your undergraduate studies into an online accelerated Master’s Degree. You can apply up to 12 graduate-level course credits to both your Bachelor’s and Master’s to earn both degrees in as little as five years.

Alumni Discount

Alumni Receive a Discount on a Master’s Degree

Graduates of Grace Christian University are eligible for a 20% Tuition Discount towards their Master’s Degree.

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