With Grace Christian University’s online degrees, you can further your education no matter where you are. Our online programs are designed to help you become equipped for the Lord’s calling on your life, while working through your classes anytime, anywhere.

Grace’s online degrees offer the same, high-quality level of education as our on-campus options. Each degree also includes required Bible and Theology courses. No matter what track you choose, you’ll graduate with a deeper knowledge of God and His Word, prepared to make an eternal impact wherever you go.

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July 2, 2024
August 6, 2024
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Shaping Leaders for Meaningful Impact

At Grace, you’ll find a place where you’re not just a student, but a valued member of a close-knit family. Join us on a journey of discovery, where your God-given aspirations are nurtured, your potential is unleashed, and your future is filled with purpose.

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Experience an Education with a biblical foundation
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What to Expect

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Excellence in Communication, Grounded in Faith

At Grace, our curriculum goes beyond conventional education, weaving biblical principles into every facet of learning. We aim to develop passionate servants of Jesus that emphasize the integration of character transformation, ministry experience, and biblical truth.

2024–25 Tuition Cost

An Affordable Communication Online Degree

Explore the pathway to an affordable yet exceptional communication degree. With a range of financial aid options and competitive tuition rates, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to excel in the pursuit of their calling without the burden of overwhelming student debt.


Online Tuition Cost Per Credit Hour


Online Tuition Cost Per Credit Hour

Military Personnel (active duty, veterans, spouses, dependents 23 or under)


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Online Resource Fee per 3-Credit Course

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Credit Hours


Week Courses

* Taking one five-week, three-credit course at a time on a year-round rotation, students typically complete 9-10 courses per year. Depending on the student’s transfer credit status, completing the 120-credit B.S. degree generally takes four years.

Career Paths

Communication Career Paths

Communication students will be equipped with a versatile skill set that opens doors to a variety of career opportunities. Whether you’re drawn to journalism, event planning, sales, or beyond, the possibilities are vast.

Here are just a few examples of the diverse paths our alumni have pursued after completing their studies:

  • Event Planner
  • Social Media Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Human Resources Director
  • Fundraiser
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Writer
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Our dedicated faculty members are the heart of our communication program, embodying qualities of care, mentorship, and a steadfast commitment to Christ-centered education. Each member brings a wealth of professional expertise, ensuring that our students receive top-notch instruction grounded in real-world experience.

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Benefits of Our Online Programs

Students in the Online Bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Attend classes on a flexible schedule that allows for work and family responsibilities
  • Expand career and ministry opportunities with a degree that opens doors
  • Obtain an affordable, high-quality education
  • Gain collaboration skills through working with classmates and professors
  • Achieve an educational goal
Course Descriptions

Communication Courses

Our communication courses will equip you to communicate effectively from a biblical foundation. Students will learn to navigate the complexities of global communication strategies and communication processes from different cultures. By the end of this program, students will gain the skills necessary to evaluate communication technology and its effects on culture.

The Bachelor of Science in Communication (120 credit hours) is comprised of:

  • Arts and Sciences Core (30 credits)
  • Bible and Theology Core (30 credits)*
  • Major (33 credits)
  • Undesignated electives/Minor (27 credits total)
  • Total required for degree (120 credits)

*18 credits for Degree Completion Transfer Students

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Communication Major
Arts & Sciences Core
Bible & Theology Core
Biblical Languages Concentration

Communication Major

The Bachelor of Science in communication provides students with competencies in understanding culturally diverse communication processes, relational communication, communication strategy formulation and implementation, and adaptability. Communication is an ideal program for those interested in becoming Public Relations Specialists, Social Media Managers, Communication Directors, Business Leaders, Event Planners, Journalists, Public Servants, or Cultural Advisors.

Foundations of Communication

COM 210

An overview of the present state of the field of communication that is anchored in a biblical perspective. By paying attention to important communication terminology, historical developments, and key communication scholars and journals, students will recognize how communication can be used to serve others.


Credit Hours