Bachelor of Science in

Leadership & Ministry

The Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Ministry degree is for students involved in or preparing for ministry as a vocation. Students are challenged to think biblically about all aspects of life, develop spirituality in themselves and others, enhance their ministry skills and engage with the world. The curriculum mixes practical and theoretical knowledge through classroom work, research, and real world experience.

On-Campus Start Dates
Fall 2024
Grace Online Student

Shaping Ministry Leaders for Meaningful Impact

At Grace, you’ll find a place where you’re not just a student, but a valued member of a close-knit family. Join us on a journey of discovery, where your God-given aspirations are nurtured, your potential is unleashed, and your future is filled with purpose.

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Experience an Education with a biblical foundation
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Develop Godly Friendships that will last a lifetime
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Feel Confident and Prepared for your ministry career