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The Master of Arts in Ministry program will equip you with the practical skills you need for ministering in the 21st century. Students learn to engage the wider culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead relevant, effective church and non-profit ministries. The course of study includes a range of Bible, theology, and ministry leadership classes so graduates can feel confident in a well-rounded degree program that can be tailored to their own specific ministry context.

Online Graduate Start Dates
August 6, 2024
November 5, 2024
Master of Arts in Ministry

Refine & Extend Your Calling as You Continue to Make an Eternal Impact

With Grace Christian University’s online master’s degrees, you can further your education no matter where you are. Our online programs are designed to help you become equipped for the Lord’s calling on your life, while working through your classes anytime, anywhere.

Grace’s online master’s degrees offer a high-quality level of education aiming to develop passionate servants of Jesus that emphasize the integration of character transformation, ministry experience, and biblical truth. No matter what track you choose, you’ll graduate with a deeper knowledge of God and His Word, prepared to make an eternal impact wherever you go.

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Experience an Education with a biblical foundation
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Develop Godly Friendships that will last a lifetime
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Feel Confident and Prepared for your ministry career
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What to Expect

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Excellence in Ministry, Grounded in Faith

At Grace, our curriculum goes beyond conventional education, weaving biblical principles into every facet of learning. We aim to develop passionate servants of Jesus that emphasize the integration of character transformation, ministry experience, and biblical truth.

2024–25 Tuition Cost

An Affordable Ministry Degree

Explore the pathway to an affordable yet exceptional Master of Arts in Ministry. With a range of financial aid options and competitive tuition rates, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to excel in the pursuit of their calling without the burden of overwhelming student debt.


Master Degree Tuition Cost Per Credit Hour


Master Degree Tuition Cost Per Credit Hour

Military Personnel (active duty, veterans, spouses, dependents 23 or under)


Online Application Fee

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Online Resource Fee per 3-Credit Course

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Credit Hours


Week Courses

* Taking one six-week, three-credit course at a time on a year-round rotation, students typically complete 6 courses per year. Depending on the student’s transfer credit status, completing a Master’s degree generally takes less than two years.

Career Paths

Ministry Career Paths

Ministry students will be equipped with a versatile skill set that opens doors to a variety of career opportunities. Whether you’re drawn to pastoral ministry, youth ministry, worship leading or beyond, the possibilities are vast.

Here are just a few examples of the diverse paths our alumni have pursued after completing their studies:

  • Pastor
  • Missionaries
  • Para-church Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Family Ministry
  • Small Business
  • Worship Leaders
  • Urban Ministry
  • Helping Professions
  • Camping Ministry
  • Non-profit Leadership
  • Church Planters
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Our dedicated faculty members are the heart of our ministry program, embodying qualities of care, mentorship, and a steadfast commitment to Christ-centered education. Each member brings a wealth of professional expertise, ensuring that our students receive top-notch instruction grounded in real-world experience.

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Benefits of Our Online Master Programs

Students in the online master’s degree programs:

  • Attend classes on a flexible schedule that allows for work and family responsibilities
  • Expand career and ministry opportunities with a degree that opens doors
  • Obtain an affordable, high-quality education
  • Gain collaboration skills through working with classmates and professors
  • Achieve an educational goal
Course Descriptions

Ministry Courses

Our courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary for successful careers in ministry. Our program covers an in-depth study of Scripture, theology, and church history with practical training in areas such as preaching, counseling, and administration. We emphasize spiritual formation and character development, recognizing that effective ministry requires not only intellectual intuition but also personal integrity and a deep commitment to serving others.

The Master of Arts in Ministry is a fully online, 36-credit graduate degree designed to refresh the student’s biblical and theological outlook and hone the practical skills needed for ministry in 21st-century church and culture. It is designed to provide an excellent context in which students can pursue advanced study in order to further their calling and enhance their effectiveness in their God-given vocations.

Required Texts

As a Graduate student, your textbooks are automatically provided to you via two platforms: Slingshot and Perlego. Sources that are fulfilled via Slingshot will be shipped to you or accessible as an eBook through your Slingshot student portal. Books that are accessible via Perlego can be accessed through Perlego’s eLibrary. 

The cost of textbooks is covered by the resource fee for each course. Students are able to opt out of these services, but the resource fee will still be fully charged. Please refer to the Steps for Graduate Success course in Blackboard for more information. 

GEN 501M – Graduate Writing and Research

  1. Burns, J. S., Shoup, J. R., Simmons Jr., D. C. (2014). Organizational leadership: Foundations and practices for Christians. InterVarsity Press. 978-0830840502 (accessible via Perlego)
  2. Neuman, J. W. (2016). A professor’s guide to writing essays: The no-nonsense plan for better writing (2nd ed.), Self-Published. 978-0692822524 (fulfilled via Slingshot)
  3. Williams, V. K. (2016). I’m Not a Writer…I’m Just in Graduate School: A Guide to Writing Critically, Clearly and Coherently. Chrysalis Consulting 978-1533392916 (fulfilled via Slingshot)

BIB 525 – Galatians & Romans

  1. Moo, D. J. (2014). Encountering the book of Romans: A theological survey. (2nd ed.). Baker. 978-0801049668 (accessible via Perlego)
  2. Long, P. J. (2019). Galatians: Freedom through God’s grace. Wipf & Stock.