Alumni Success Stories from Grace Christian University

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Alumni Success Stories from Grace Christian University

Alumni Success Stories from Grace Christian University
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We’re proud to celebrate our Grace Christian University alumni! At Grace, our mission isn’t just to equip students in their career, but also to prepare them to be courageous ambassadors for Christ in the college years and far beyond. Our alumni are impacting the world in their workplaces, churches, and communities. We want to celebrate these alumni success stories as our alumni continue to make an eternal impact wherever they go.


Grace Christian University Alumni Success Stories

What are Grace alumni doing now? Read these stories to find out how just a few of our alumni are impacting their communities.



Joe & Kaylee Johnson

Joe & Kaylee both graduated from Grace and also got married in the fall of 2013. They now live in Holland, MI with their four children. Since 2013, Joe & Kaylee have been serving in ministry together. Joe has since completed his Masters in Divinity at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. They now serve at Parkside Bible Church in Holland – Joe as the associate pastor and Kaylee leading worship.

“People always say that ‘college is what you make it,’ and Grace is uniquely equipped to fulfill that. If you give yourself to the community, longing to grow closer to Christ, you will be transformed. I am eternally grateful for the support system I gained from Grace and the growth I experienced.” – Joe

dan-gowdy-alumni-success-storyDan Gowdy

Dan Gowdy graduated from Grace in 1992 with a Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Studies. He now serves as a board member at the college. He also currently serves as the President/CEO of Wedgewood Christian Services, a program that provides residential care, counseling services, and community programs to individuals facing mental and behavioral health challenges.

Before his time at Wedgewood, Dan worked at Hope Network in a variety of roles (management, program development, staff development, marketing, sales, and fundraising). He also worked in development at a retirement community and started a consulting company.

“Grace surrounded me with like-minded young men and women who wanted to serve the Lord but didn’t quite yet know what that might be like.  It allowed me the space and time to test my gifts and learn from that experience. The professors were invested in my personal growth and development. And the friends I made at Grace have become life-long relationships that I meet with for encouragement and accountability.” – Dan


carlin-jordan-alumni-grace-christian-university-success-storyCarlin Jordan

Carlin graduated from Grace with a Masters in Organizational Leadership in 2019. He had previously earned his undergraduate degree at Fayetteville State University.

Carlin has now been in law enforcement for 8 years. In addition, he and his wife are the lead pastors at Deeper Waters Ministry.

“Servant Leadership was one of the many courses I took while at Grace, and this course better prepared me for the career of law enforcement and ministry that I’m currently working in. In order to be the best leader I was created to be, I learned that I can never lose my servant’s heart.” – Carlin


chris-smith-alumni-grace-christian-university-success-storyChris Smith

Chris attended Grace Christian University for his Bachelors’s in Biblical Studies (on campus) and his Master’s in Ministry (online).

He now works at Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Schools, where he coaches soccer and basketball and works as the Tech Support Coordinator. In addition, he also teaches PE classes for Pre-K through 8th grade at Cross Lutheran School in Pigeon, MI.

“My time at Grace helped to make an impact on my life and career in the sense that – even though it might sound cliche – my time at Grace made me want to be a better person in all facets of life…” – Chris

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