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Jun 12, 2023 | General Information

The college experience is a life-changing, impactful season for anyone. For many Christians approaching this exciting time, there are lots of questions to answer. Is it possible to get a high-quality educational experience and still grow in your Christian faith at the same time? Can you earn your college degree while also preparing for a life of service to Christ? At Grace Christian University, the answer is yes! There are a variety of benefits of attending a Christian university – from a Biblically based higher education to lifelong friendships to smaller class sizes and more.


6 Benefits of Attending a Christian University


1. Scripture-Based Higher Education

As believers, we strive to base everything we do on the Word of God. A Biblically-based college education is a powerful way to build our lives on the truth of the gospel. The college experience prepares students for life in many ways. At Grace, we believe that grounding these studies in Scripture is one of the very best ways to prepare for an effective life of ministry – no matter what that may look like.

At Grace Christian University, every degree includes 30 credit hours of Bible and theology courses. Because no matter where the Lord calls you in life, a foundation of truth is critical.


2. Caring, Christian Professors and Staff

Another major benefit of attending a Christian school is that not only are you surrounded by Christian values, but you can also trust the faculty members as positive Christian influences. As you complete your studies, you’ll be blessed by learning from those who have spent years and even decades walking with the Lord. You can feel comfortable going to the professors at Grace with questions about class or simply about spiritual life and ministry – knowing that you’ll receive advice and encouragement from a Christian perspective.


3. Smaller Class Sizes

At a smaller Christian college like Grace, you’re not just a number. Class isn’t just a group of strangers, but a Christian community who is learning together. As you work through your degree, you’ll enjoy getting to know your fellow students and professors on a more personal level than you would at large universities and secular colleges.

Our students enjoy deep friendships with one another and personal relationships with professors throughout their years of classes at Grace.


4. Preparation for a Life of Ministry

No matter where the Lord calls you, a solid, Biblical foundation is one of the best ways to prepare for an effective life of ministry. Whether you find yourself serving overseas, working in the corporate world, serving at a local church, or raising a family, it’s our goal at Grace to help you prepare for a life of service and purpose.

Biblically-based college classes are just one way to prepare for ministry during the college years. Spiritual development through friendships with fellow students and professors, weekly chapels, and service opportunities are a few more ways that students build a strong foundation for making an eternal impact wherever they go.


5. Like-Minded, Lifelong Friendships

At a university filled with Christian college students, it’s not difficult to connect with new friends who will quickly turn into lifelong friends. Friendships are so important for both personal growth and spiritual growth. As you spend your days living life alongside other Christian students, you’ll quickly develop a sense of community and find encouragement in your faith.

At Grace, student life includes everything from serving together, worshiping together, bonfires, games, mission trips, burger Fridays, and so much more.


6. Tuition Assistance Through Grants, Scholarships, and More

Another benefit of attending a small, Christian university includes the financial aid and tuition discount options. There’s no question that the tuition cost of a high-quality education can be astronomical. At Grace, however, we strive to make a high-quality, Biblical education affordable for all of our students.

A few of the ways that we do this include offering grants, scholarships, work-study, loans, and tuition discounts for military members and veteran students.

You can learn more about on-campus tuition rates here.


More Benefits of Attending a Christian University

A Biblically-based, Christian university is a great place to further your education and receive college credit while also finding your true purpose of being a courageous ambassador for Christ, no matter what that looks like. We believe that you don’t have to choose between being surrounded by Christian community and also getting a high-quality education.

The above benefits of attending a Christian university aren’t the only advantages, though! At Grace, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of degree programs. From business to social sciences to Bible & ministry and more, you can pursue a degree that lines up with your calling.

During your college years at Grace, you’ll also enjoy sports, service opportunities, small groups and Bible studies, and more – all while enjoying rich community and the beautiful west coast of Michigan.

Ready to learn more about Grace? Contact us today, request more info about any program or apply now!

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