Criminal Justice Degrees at Grace Christian University

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Criminal Justice Degrees at Grace Christian University

Criminal Justice Degrees at Grace Christian University
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At Grace Christian University, we know that choosing a major can be difficult! With so many different options available to you, it can be hard to know what career choice is the best fit. Have you considered a criminal justice degree? For many, a degree in criminal justice is an exciting degree path with a large selection of career opportunities. Below, we’ve provided all the answers you need to know if a criminal justice degree is the right choice for you.

Why Choose a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal justice is an exciting degree path for many. At Grace, our Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree offers not only a thorough overview of law enforcement and the criminal justice system, but also insight and wisdom as to how we as Christians navigate these systems with a Biblical mindset. This degree path is a great choice for those seeking to go into anything from law enforcement to forensic science to counseling.

And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in criminal justice are growing faster than average and are expected to grow by 5-14% depending on the specialization.

Regardless of your desired path, a degree in criminal justice will give you the skill set you need to thrive in your future career.

Why Grace?

Grace offers a Christ-focused education program that serves to deepen your knowledge of God’s Word and make you an expert in your chosen field. Grace allows you to connect with professors and students while you pursue your higher education and grow in your faith.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Criminal Justice Degree?

A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice requires 120 credit hours, which students can achieve in four years. However, depending on a student’s transfer credits and class load, they may earn their degree in less time. Grace is dedicated to working with our students so they can learn at the pace that works for them.

Admission Requirements

We at Grace Christian University know that applying to colleges can be unnecessarily complicated. That’s why we keep our admissions process as simple as possible. The only things you need to be admitted to Grace are a high school diploma or equivalent and a completed application.

How Much Does a Degree Cost?

Grace Christian strives to provide a high-quality yet affordable education. Grace only charges $470/credit hour which is nearly half the average price of private universities in Michigan.

We also offer discounts for military personnel starting at $250/credit hour. This discount applies not only to those actively serving but veterans, spouses, and dependents of 23 or younger as well.

Grace also offers payment plans for students paying with cash.

We also accept Federal Financial Aid.

Career Opportunities in Criminal Justice

A degree in criminal justice offers a wide range of different career opportunities, each offering unique and exciting experiences. The potential careers for those majoring in criminal justice largely depend on what area you specialize in.

Popular careers include:

  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Investigator
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • FBI Agent
  • Investigative Reporter
  • Youth Correctional Counselor
  • And More!

There is no shortage of career opportunities for those seeking a degree in criminal justice, and Grace Christian University is here to ensure you are prepared for the career you choose.

Ready to Get Started?

We know it can be hard to find the right career path for you, and that deciding on a major can be incredibly stressful. But Grace Christian University makes it simple to find the right path for your future. Request more info today and begin your college journey.

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