Discover Your Purpose: A Guide to Grace Christian University for Prospective Students

Want to Discover Your Purpose?

Do you want to discover your purpose while growing in the Lord, but don’t know how? 

Many young adults know that they want to move forward with their education, but aren’t sure what to look for. At the same time, in a world of confusion and compromise, it’s difficult to find a college environment where Christian students can thrive. 

But at Grace Christian University, we know you need to be equipped for your vocation and sharpened in your faith. That’s why Grace is dedicated to graduating courageous ambassadors for Christ who make an eternal impact wherever they go.


About Grace Christian University

Grace Christian University is located in the vibrant city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our beautiful campus offers academic rigor, student housing, and plenty of opportunities for students to be involved in spiritual life. 

Below, we’ll share everything a prospective student needs to know about Grace Christian University: our academic programs, spiritual life, campus life, tuition, and more.


Grace Christian University Academic Programs 

What do you think of when you hear the phrase, “Discover your purpose?” For most people, vocation is what comes to mind – what am I going to spend my life doing

At Grace Christian University, we provide vocational training in a wide range of fields, so every student can pick a major they feel called to pursue. Grace offers on-campus and online undergraduate programs, as well as online master’s programs. 


The Grace Christian University Difference

Each major at Grace includes our Bible and theology core, which is 30 credit hours of courses in these subjects. In effect, this is one of the ways we equip our students with a strong Biblical foundation for all of life. 


On-Campus Undergraduate Programs

 If you attend Grace on campus as an undergraduate, then you’ll have three basic categories of major to choose from: Bible and ministry, arts and sciences, and social sciences and human services. 

Below are the options for majors in each of those categories. 


Grace also offers a wide selection of on-campus minors which can be viewed here. And, for students with extra ambition, we have dual degree options!


Online Undergraduate Programs

Completing a college degree online can be the perfect option for many students. Whether you’re working your way through school, starting a family, or just not able to move to a new city, we’re happy to provide flexible online undergraduate programs.

The online undergraduate programs at Grace fall into two categories: Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Students in the associate’s programs can expect to spend about 2 years completing their degree, while bachelor’s program students will finish in about 4 years. 

Here’s the list of majors in the online associate and bachelor programs:

  • Associate of Arts
    • Business
    • General Studies
    • Leadership & Ministry
    • Social Science
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Business
    • Communication
    • Criminal Justice
    • Human Services
    • Leadership & Ministry
    • Psychology


Online Graduate Programs

You may have completed an undergraduate degree and feel like you have yet to discover your purpose. Or, maybe you know exactly where you’re headed, and all you need is the right school! Either way, Grace Christian University offers online master’s programs designed to work smoothly with your schedule.

See below for the full list of master’s programs at Grace. 

  • Master’s Degree
    • Higher Ed Leadership
    • Ministry
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Business Administration (MBA)


The 4 + 1 Program

Our 4 + 1 program is just one of the Grace University benefits designed to help students succeed. 

Here’s how it works: students at Grace can complete graduate-level coursework as elective credits during their undergraduate studies in order to earn an accelerated master’s degree in as little as 5 years. 

Visit this page to learn more!


Spiritual Life at Grace Christian University

Students have opportunities to grow in faith outside of class, too. For example, we offer weekly chapel services, prayer groups, Bible study groups, and student ministries. Above all else, Grace strives to have a well-rounded spiritual environment for our students. 

Grace is a non-denominational university. We are affiliated with the Grace Gospel Fellowship and teach dispensational theology. For more information about our beliefs, take a look at our statement of faith


Grace Christian University Campus Life

The culture on campus at Grace has something for everyone. For casual hangout opportunities, the student commons provides a perfect meeting spot, or stop at the Kahawa Café for coffee or a smoothie.

If you love to stay active, make use of the fitness center or get involved in intramural sports

Grace campus life also has weekly events from Community Life and student government, burger Fridays, disc golf, euchre, and so much more. So, as you discover your purpose through the academic programs, you can build friendships outside of class that will last a lifetime!


Tuition and Financial Aid 

Grace strives to provide an education that is both high-caliber and affordable. Correspondingly, tuition costs for the 2023-24 school year can be found here.

We accept Federal student aid, and if you have questions or need financial assistance you can email our financial office at


Are You Ready to Discover Your Purpose at Grace?

To summarize, Grace Christian University alumni are equipped with the academic knowledge and scriptural foundation needed to be courageous ambassadors for Christ. So if you’re ready to take the next step in your faith and education, request info today!

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