Grace Goes West

May 7, 2014-  I’ve been on many road trips with many different college teams, and it’s not uncommon for students to buckle under the pressure of cabin fever and randomly burst into song. On this journey, however, six of the seven students traveling with us are worship arts majors with great voices. And the acoustics of a 15 passenger van are, apparently, perfect for three part harmonies and the humming of various instrumental parts. These students do not sound like your average college students with cabin fever. When they sing, we don’t need a radio. When they sing, it’s beautiful.


So after six days and 2000 miles, we’ve watched the landscape subtly change from the flatness of Michigan to the hills of Western South Dakota, to the Rocky Mountains in Western Montana and the Cascades in Central Washington. This country is beautiful, and the soundtrack we’ve had along the way has matched. Praise God for safe travel (and pray that it will continue), the gifts he’s bestowed upon these and other students at Grace Christian University, and the fellowship here in the Northwest.


Tonight, we’ll conduct a service at Cascade Mountain Bible Church in Leavenworth, Washington. This might be the most beautiful setting for any church I’ve ever seen. On Sunday morning, we were at Berean Bible Church in Spokane, Washington and in the evening we did a service at Mountain View Bible Church in Post Falls, Idaho. Tomorrow, we’ll travel to Seattle where we’ll be serving Grace Bible Church in Port Orchard on Saturday night and Berean Bible Church in Shoreline on Sunday morning. From there, we’ll travel down through Grants Pass, Oregon on Monday night, then onto Brighton, Colorado on Wednesday, May 14 and Carter Lake, Iowa on May 15.
As these students travel and serve these churches, they get a valuable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share and build the gifts God has given them, and worship with churches across the country. They’ll never forget it. We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we travel and serve these churches.


-Jim Gamble, Campus Ministry Coordinator


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