Growing at Grace – Betsy Crockett’s Story

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Growing at Grace – Betsy Crockett’s Story

September 18, 2023 Alumni

Follow along as we take a peek into Betsy Crockett’s experience at Grace Christian University. Betsy recently finished up her bachelor’s degree with Grace’s online program. As she completed her degree, she walked through numerous challenges. But God was faithful, as He always is! Enjoy this story about how Betsy has been growing in her faith at Grace Christian University.


Growing at Grace – Betsy’s Story

“I cannot believe this is the final week of my bachelor’s program at Grace! This has been an enriching and sometimes challenging journey for me. When I began, I was still doubtful that I could do this, but I found so much encouragement along the way.

What I have learned during my time with Grace is priceless. I have met many great classmates from around the US, some of whom have become friends. Weekly discussions on specific topics opened my eyes to new perspectives. I learned about spiritual disciplines and how to integrate them into everyday activities.


Bumps in the Road

During my educational journey, I have had several health issues (mostly related to breast cancer) that have led to me having six surgeries while I tried to finish my degree. The University has understood my health issues, and the staff and professors have been helpful and given me extra encouragement.

One person who stands out above all the rest in my journey with Grace is my student advisor, De’Borah Ford. I do not know how I could have gotten through this without her. I had to take a leave of absence as I had to have a major surgery that was not successful. Because of this, I lost circulation to the left side of my chest, experienced a lot of tissue death, and had emergency surgeries and several blood transfusions as I lost a lot of blood. De’Borah called me and checked in with me often. De’Borah would lend a listening ear and pray with me. She has been more than an advisor. She has been a friend through all this, and I will forever be thankful for her encouragement and kindness. De’Borah went above and beyond with her ministry to show God’s love; she is truly a gem.


The Lord’s Faithfulness in College and Beyond

Lastly, I am thankful to our Lord for everything He has done. There were times when I thought I would not make it through this. There were times when finances were tight, and God provided what my family needed so I could continue. Sometimes I felt challenged and faced some of my sins, trauma, and religious issues to make it through the next step. God was there to guide me. I recall several times that I had to keep going, even through my tears. Other times, I would feel completely lost on a project, but after time in prayer, praise, and worship, I would sit back down at my computer, and He would guide me. This was a time for me to grow mentally and spiritually, and He showed up faithfully! God is so good, and I am excited to see where He takes me next!”


Ready to Begin Your Degree?

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