Homeschool Speech and Debate Contest at Grace Christian University

Mar 16, 2024 | Blog

This past week—during the college’s spring break—Grace Christian University welcomed more than 70 homeschool families—210 people—on the campus for a regional Christian Speech and Debate Competition. The National Christian Forensics Communications Association (NCFCA) puts on 60+ events every year throughout the country. The Region 6 competition included competitors from Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Homeschool Talents on Display

The NCFCA regional competitions provide a platform for homeschooled students to showcase their public speaking talents and develop crucial communication abilities. With over 60 such events held annually nationwide; these tournaments attract thousands of the nation’s brightest young voices.

Grace’s classroom buildings were temporarily transformed into competitive areas where competitors engaged in an array of speech and debate events. The entire campus was used, with speeches and formal debates taking place in classrooms, meeting rooms, commons, and the athletic center. In one speech category, for instance, contestants were given a choice of two Christian topics and had just 4 minutes to craft a 6-minute speech they presented in front of judges. The performance spaces set the stage for dramatic interpretations, watching students bring literature to life through their captivating recitations.


Evaluating each Speech required a formidable cohort of judges. Grace Christian University’s faculty and staff eagerly answered the call, joined by respected community members and alumni. Scoring rubrics in hand, they carefully assessed every speech, interpretation, and line of argumentation.


Future Leaders Through Speech and Debate

“Hosting an event like this NCFCA competition is a tremendous opportunity for us,” said Aaron Cope, Grace’s Enrollment Director. “These articulate, academically gifted students truly embody the ideals we cultivate at Grace – developing Christian leaders of strong character and intellect.”

Cope emphasized the natural upswing homeschool graduates experience at Grace, expanding their passion for learning in an environment promoting spiritual discipleship alongside growing in a community where intentional relationships are highly encouraged. The three-day Grace experience allowed prospective students to experience that community firsthand.

Between competitions, families could explore the university’s picturesque 26-acre campus, learning about Grace’s exemplary Bible Centered curriculum rooted in the truths of the Scripture. Campus tours provided an inside look at the academic pathways and a chance to envision the next steps on their educational journey.

A Lasting Impact

As the tournament concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing the top performances, the campus began its transition back to normal routines. Yet there was a notable energy still resonating through the buildings and a lingering sense of camaraderie from the shared experience of the competition. The spirit of competition and sportsmanship had left an indelible mark on the community, one that would continue to inspire and motivate long after the final whistle had blown.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the NCFCA Speech and Debate Competition, and for the positive impact you left on our community at Grace. We very much appreciate the kindness shown to us from the NCFCA community.

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