How Does Grace Christian University Stand Out? – Why Our Faculty Recommend Grace

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How Does Grace Christian University Stand Out? – Why Our Faculty Recommend Grace

How Does Grace Christian University Stand Out? Why Our Faculty Recommend Grace
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Searching for a Christian college? The college you choose can impact the rest of your life, and we understand the weightiness of this choice. In the sea of Christian schools, we believe Grace offers benefits that set it above other options in a number of ways. How does Grace Christian University stand out from other schools? Let’s hear from our faculty – the ones who know the school better than anyone – to find out why they recommend Grace!

Why Choose Grace? How Grace Christian University Stands Out Compared to Other Christian Colleges

Why choose Grace? To find out, we went to the people who know the most about this school that we love – our faculty! These amazing faculty members are the ones who get to see all of the different aspects of the school, day in and day out. They’ve watched students come and go and seen firsthand the work that God has done in these students’ lives – both during their time at campus and beyond.

Enjoy this insider’s look at what our faculty thinks about Grace!

Kyle Vegh, M.A. – Assistant Professor of Bible and Ministry

“The ability to have real, authentic, transformative relationships differentiates us!

I would also say that what sets Grace apart is how hard faculty and staff work to help underprepared students succeed. (This happens through enrollment Grace, mentorship, coaches, study skills class, clear communication and expectations from classes, a regular rhythm of improving courses to be more effective, etc.).”

Sarah Kooienga, M.A. – Assistant Professor of English

“Grace is different from other Christian universities because of its community. With a smaller campus and student body, students don’t ‘get lost’ here, but are instead part of a close-knit college family.”

Pamela Sherstad, PhD – Dean, School of Arts & Sciences; Professor of Communication

“The difference at Grace . . . is the people.

By studying communication at Grace Christian University, you will not only be prepared for a career, but you will have the opportunity to learn in community with your classmates and professors. 

One example of this community is the opportunity to study abroad in Greece. By studying at Grace, you will have the opportunity to focus on how God is working in the world and have an opportunity to see God’s world!

Grace is the place to study communication. You will be supported, you will be encouraged, and you will be challenged.”

Matthew DeYoung, PhD – Professor of Business & MBA Program Chair

“The educational experience at Grace in the School of Business is purposefully unique.  Students can individualize their final projects to include any business or sector of the economy they are most interested in pursuing. 

Students are also given several opportunities for experiential learning.  Last semester, students learned the foundational concepts of economics and accounting through the lens of buying and selling liquidation materials.  Students could learn the concepts and earn real money.  One student sold more than $3000 worth of material.

The final thing that sets Grace apart is individualized advice and coaching from someone who knows them well.  As a professor in the school of business, I can get to know each student individually.  This allows me to steer their educational experience based on personality type, spiritual gifts, and interests.  I take great pride in helping students find the right career path because of the deep relationships we form at Grace. “

Margarita Ruiz – Bilingual Program Specialist and Online Adjunct Faculty, School of Social Sciences and Human Services

“I am so glad that Grace still encourages us (as educators) to include the Christian worldview in everything we teach.

Psychology and sociology can quickly be secularized, but when we view it through God’s eyes, we see so much more than the rest of the world does. Grace, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, etc. hold deeper meanings.

The truth revealed in the correct definition of love and our inherent worth has the power to change lives. That is what I love about Grace.”

Emily Gehman, M.A. – Assistant Professor of Communication and English

“I appreciate the small class sizes so that we can build relationships with students and engage in both formal and informal discipleship with them — and not simply dump content on them. 

Of course we want to grow — there are many things that larger institutions can offer that we cannot — but I see the intimacy of our campus and classes as an asset, not a liability.”

Dr. Mat Loverin, PhD – Dean and Professor of Bible and Ministry

“Grace Christian University stands out with its small class size, connection with professors, and life on life mentoring/relationships. 

Also, real connection with ministry environments, churches, and “labs” for growth and getting experience. 

In addition, emphasis on the Bible in every subject matter (biblically integrated/saturated curriculum), and holding deeply and truly to the principles of God’s Word, who God is, the gospel, and Christian life/morals/ethics is what makes Grace different.” 

Jacob Rodgers, M.A. – Assistant Professor of Bible and Ministry

“Grace stands out with its unwavering commitment to Scripture in both academics and in the life of the university. 

We think that the Christian life is more than a club or committee. We’re devoted to an honest reckoning with Scripture and how it affects the way we pursue academics, sports, social life, work, play, etc.

We are interested in Biblical education because just as a liberal arts education is devoted to developing a well-rounded student, a holistic Christian life too must be informed by biblical and theological training.  Whether you are a police officer or a business owner or a pastor, we believe the Bible confidently speaks to and guides us through life’s challenging decisions and trains us to think like Jesus in those situations that require a form of ‘muscle memory’. 

Life at Grace helps not only equips students with the knowledge of God’s Word, but provides an environment to train their instincts and intuitions to be more like Jesus through spiritual discipline and reflection. 

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:3-5)”

How Does Grace Christian University Stand Out from Other Schools? Join Us and See!

Looking for the right Christian college for you? We’d love to have you join us at Grace, whether in person or online.

From an unwavering commitment to Scripture, to small class sizes, to authentic relationships, and so much more, Grace is committed to graduating godly individuals who are prepared to serve Christ.

Schedule a visit to come see for yourself, or request more info about Grace today!

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