Human Services Alumni – Nicholas Mascorro

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Human Services Alumni – Nicholas Mascorro

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Every year, Grace Christian University’s alumni nominate their fellow alumni to be chosen for Grace Christian’s prestigious Alumni Award. These candidates are chosen for their dedication to serving Christ and others and by leading by example and encouraging others. This year’s picks were especially special. We’d love to share the story of one of this year’s winners to highlight his story and what life in human services looks like. Join us as we learn about one of our human services alumni, Nicholas Mascorro, and the work he does.

Nicholas Mascorro

Our first alumni award winner is Nicholas Mascorro. Nicholas Mascorro earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services before enrolling in the ATF National Academy. He graduated #1 in his class at both the ATF National Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Currently, Nicholas is employed as an ATF Special Agent. He focuses his time on apprehending violent criminals involved with firearm-related crimes, specifically focusing on individuals committing shootings and homicides.

He has received numerous awards in his professional career. These awards include the ATF Distinguished Service Medal for his work as the lead case agent in a RICO gang investigation that spanned years of investigation. Nicholas has received numerous ATF Special Act Awards for his involvement in numerous large-scale gang investigations. Recently, he was also recognized for his involvement in the United Nations General Assembly Detail. It was here that he was tasked with providing protection for the head diplomats of foreign countries.

Nicholas currently resides in Hopkins, Michigan with his wife Kalli and his three children Nash, Demi, and Jett. Nicholas credits Grace with being instrumental in creating a spiritual foundation that has impacted his career. Grace has allowed him to be grounded while encountering stressful, violent situations and dealing with the aftermath of those encounters. It has allowed him to be the husband and father to his children that is led by the Lord and not by his own abilities. He stated, “There is nothing extraordinary about my skills or abilities – the only thing that is extraordinary is God’s Grace in my life because I deserve no special accolades or awards and He deserves credit for everything.” As a human services alumni, you’re not only serving others, you’re also serving God.

Human Services at Grace

Human services is a great career choice for those who are passionate about helping others. Grace’s human services program enables students to serve others through a range of different career opportunities. Students are trained to work with diverse populations and address a wide range of social problems. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the unique needs of individuals, families, and communities. Human services is a field that thrives on compassion for others and requires a desire to better understand the problems others might be going through.

If Nicholas’ story speaks to you or human services sounds like a good fit for you, contact us to request more info! Our staff is ready to provide any and all information you need to make the most of your college experience. Whether it’s information about human services or any of the many other majors we offer, Grace is happy to help you find the right degree path for you.

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