Humility and Submission

Jun 17, 2013 | News, President's Blog

In his book The Grace Way, Pastor Cal Bodeutsch speaks of humility as the key to spiritual growth. His point is well put when he states, “The same pride which keeps people from receiving God’s gift of eternal life also keeps believers from receiving the rest of God’s grace gifts.” This includes the grace of godliness.

It has long been a pursuit and goal of my life to live in a godly manner. I believe there is a direct correlation between wisdom and truth and godliness and humility. My pride keeps me from being totally abandoned to God and selfless towards others. Humility is formed in me by my reaction and dependence upon God as He allows various problems, people, situations, and events to come into my life.

This is where my relationship with God becomes pivotal: because that relationship determines my perspective on life. When I am in daily communion with God, speaking constantly with — and more importantly listening to God, I respond much differently to the “crises” I experience as well as those that happen around me. Paul put it this way, “Now I am glad to boast about how weak I am; I am glad to be a living demonstration of Christ’s power, instead of showing off my own power and abilities.” (2 Corinthians 12:9 TLB)

Humility is evidenced in my life when I am able to live out Christ’s directions for a true disciple: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24). Pastor Cal gave us some valuable “evidences of humility to assess our progress:

Submission to the authority of God
Submission to living by faith
Submission to the grace of God
Submission to the timing of God (that’s a tough one!)
Submission to undeserved suffering

When you read these evidences, where are you lacking humility and submission? Talk to God about it, and ask Him to help you to respond in a godly manner and grow in submission for His glory.

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