Jennie Losinger Leads Hygiene Drive Initiative

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Jennie Losinger Leads Hygiene Drive Initiative

Current student Jennie Losinger, remembered hearing a teaching from President Kemper on ‘walking the walk’ not just ‘talking the talk’, Jennie felt compelled to make a difference but was unsure how. It was time for a change.

After a trip to downtown Grand Rapids, Jennie saw a need. Many of the people downtown spoke on the lack of hygiene products. After further research, she found Mel Trotter, a local ministry, also had very few supplies of hygiene products and needed more in order to fulfill the widespread need.

After seeing many drives for clothes or food, she had never seen a hygiene drive. Jennie recalls that God planted the idea in her head, as she has never done a hygiene drive before, and has been amazed at the outcome. She was able to reach her goal of 500 hygiene products.

Jennie says, “It’s so incredibly amazing to know that something so simple as a drive can help and affect so many people. I just love helping people in any way possible.”