Journey Through the Bible: A Reflection on My Class Trip to Washington, D.C.

Jun 22, 2024 | News, Current Students

An awesome aspect of Grace Christian University is our culture of education through experience. Grace Christian University offers a variety of classes that include traveling to different locations to gain a better understanding of scripture and ministry. This May, I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for my class “Origins of the Bible.” There, we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the Bible’s origins, historical significance, and impact.

Here is a detailed account of our fun journey!

DAY 1: The Museum of the Bible

Our first stop was the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. This is where we got to tie in a lot of what we learned in the classroom to what we were seeing. At the museum, we were able to walk through exhibits that highlighted the evolution of the Bible from ancient manuscripts to the modern Bibles we have today. We also explored interactive and immersive activities as a class! In addition, the museum showcased the various ways that the Bible and Christianity have influenced our culture and art.

Students Studying Old Manuscripts

DAY 2: Exploring the City

On this day, we got to explore D.C.’s different landmarks and museums. First, we toured the Capitol and the Library of Congress! It was amazing to see the complicated architecture and artwork that man had made! Seeing it in pictures doesn’t do it justice – it reminded me that God is so purposeful and creative with creation. We then got into groups and explored different museums and landmarks together, which was a fun bonding experience for everyone on the trip!

Group Walking Up The Stairs

DAY 3: Sight & Sound Theater

On the third day of our trip, we went to the Sight & Sound Theater to watch a live musical theater production of Daniel from the Bible. There was so much intention and care poured into every character, and it was great getting to see the Bible portrayed in such a creative way! I really liked how they tied Jesus into the story and re-centered it back to him. Watching Jesus stand over the lion’s den was my favorite part of the entire play!

Sitting in a theater

DAY 4: Princeton Theological Seminary

On the last day, we had the chance to visit Princeton’s Theological Seminary and see their special collections of the Bible. It was such a great way to tie up the entire trip because we got to connect what we learned in class and at the Bible Museum to what we were seeing and holding. We had the opportunity to be close to such cool artifacts and see the evolution of the Bible in front of us.

Washington D.C Group Photo

Grateful for a Unique Opportunity

Going on our class trip was truly a great and fruitful learning experience. It not only expanded my knowledge of what was discussed in class but also gave me an opportunity to learn new things about the Bible and its role in our lives as Christians. Trips like these encourage students to learn more about each other, partake in good discussions related to the Bible and Christianity, and expand their perspectives, encouraging them to think more critically. Overall, I’m so thankful for this experience. We are so privileged to be able to travel and experience the Bible in this way. I highly encourage any student at Grace to take advantage of the resources we have to travel and learn outside of the normal classroom setting!


Rachel Playing Guitar

Author – Rachel Tunon

 Leadership and Ministry, Senior, Grace Christian University.


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