Look What I’ve Done!

“Hey, come and take a look at what I have done!” This is a phrase all of us men have said to our wives at one time or another to show off our “domestic excellence” when we complete a home repair or project. Why do we do that? Of course, we like to receive recognition, gratitude, and appreciation for our efforts, but, I also think it may be because we guys somehow believe that anything we do around the house is “extra credit” and our only required work is outside the home to “bring home the bacon.” The anomaly of this is that normally, our wives will serve selflessly every day around the house – whether or not they work outside the home (and we see nothing odd about that)!!

It is not a bad thing to look back on our days, weeks and months, and do some evaluation. I have been asked in interviews, “What have you accomplished?” In Psalms 66:5, the psalmist states,
“Come and see what God has done,
how awesome His works in man’s behalf!”

How feeble and miniscule all my attempts to accomplish something look when juxtaposed with God’s work on my behalf. God calmly and quietly executes His plan in this world “on man’s behalf.” I should daily look for God’s work being perfectly orchestrated in His way all around me. And, I should humbly and prayerfully submit my will to work in line with His.

This allows me to stop, look back, and give credit where (and to Whom) it is due; rejoice over what God has done; and acknowledge the privilege of being a fellow worker and not a hindrance to His work! I now am not only a “work of God” (Ephesians 2:7) but also a “part of the work of God” (1 Corinthians 3:9).


Take a moment to reflect and see the great things God has done on your behalf–your salvation, your preservation, your present sustenance, etc. Thank Him for His mighty works and seek to be a ‘fellow worker’ with Him both in the present and future.


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