Make a Greater Impact – How Grace’s Master’s Programs Can Affect Your Current Career

Aug 7, 2023 | Blog

Christians know that we have both a great opportunity and a great responsibility to make a difference in the workplace. When you choose Grace for your master’s degree, you won’t simply be growing in knowledge in your career field. You’ll also grow in your understanding of the Bible and theology and build encouraging relationships with your fellow classmates and professors. With a master’s degree from Grace, you’ll feel well-equipped to make a greater impact in the workplace and beyond. Keep reading to find out more about how a master’s degree can positively affect your life and your current career.


Why Pursue a Master’s Degree?

At Grace, we’ve made it a priority to make higher education easily accessible for busy, working professionals. Our flexible online programs allow you to work your education around your full-time career, family life, and other opportunities. Plus, with an online degree, you can complete your coursework anytime, anywhere.

Still, deciding to go back to school for your masters degree is a big deal. While an online degree provides a high level of flexibility and lower cost, you’ll still need to invest many hours into the process of earning your degree.

So why choose to pursue a masters degree? Here are some of the benefits.

  • Advancement in your career
  • New skills
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual growth
  • Higher earning potential
  • Greater credibility


Career advancement

Looking to advance to a higher position with your current company, or perhaps find a new job altogether? A master’s degree is an excellent way to set yourself apart from your colleagues. An advanced degree not only furthers your knowledge, but also shows your employer that you have the drive and discipline to complete a high-level educational achievement.


New skills

Whether you’ve been in your position for one year or ten years, many people have the desire to continue growing in knowledge in their area of expertise. Working through your master’s degree gives you the opportunity to increase your impact in your current field of work by expanding your skill set and expertise.


Personal growth

Aside from the knowledge you’ll gain in your field of employment, pursuing a master’s degree also gives you the opportunity to practice discipline, organization, and time management. There is nothing like the feeling of finally accepting your diploma, knowing that you were able to keep up in your career and earn a master’s degree at the same time. It’s truly an incredible achievement!


Spiritual growth

At Grace, all of our degree tracks integrate professional knowledge with unshakeable Biblical truth. Every program includes Bible & Theology credits. In addition, every class is taught by Christian professors from a Biblical worldview.


Higher earning potential

In general, masters degrees are associated with higher salaries in comparison to associates and bachelors degrees. US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLC) data has found that the average weekly pay for those with a master’s degree is approximately $1,574, or $81,848 per year.


Greater credibility

Lastly, a master’s degree gives you greater credibility in your area of expertise. When there’s an advancement opportunity in the workplace, those with master’s degrees are generally the first to be considered.


How Your Master’s Degree Can Allow You to Make a Greater Impact in Your Current Career

Our mission at Grace is to graduate courageous ambassadors for Christ who make an eternal impact wherever they go.

For a Christian, making an impact in the workplace doesn’t simply mean advancing in your career. It also means “working with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” (Colossians 3:23). It means representing Christ in everything you do, loving those around you, and working diligently on every task given.

Believers should see the workplace not simply as an opportunity to make an income, but also as a place to make an eternal impact on those we directly and indirectly impact with our daily work.

When you choose Grace for your degree, you won’t simply grow in knowledge in your area of expertise. You can also expect to grow in a deeper understanding of God and His Word and be encouraged to live out your faith in the workplace.

Our online master’s degrees give you the opportunity to learn within a small cohort of like-minded students. You’ll have the opportunity to form friendships with both your professors and classmates as you encourage one another to make a greater impact for Christ in your workplace and your community.


Ready to Get Started?

Ready to advance your career with a masters degree? Learn more about our master’s programs at Grace Christian University, find out what a master’s degree can do for you, or request more info today!

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