Online Undergraduate Degrees for Busy Christians – 5 Reasons Why Grace Christian University’s Online Undergraduate Programs are Ideal

Jan 26, 2024 | Blog

It is incredibly difficult to make time for all the important things life throws at you. Between obligations to friends and family, trying to have a social life, and finding a work/life balance, it can feel impossible to juggle everything all at once. On top of that, many adults want to further their education, but aren’t sure it’s possible to fit in one more thing. That’s why Grace Christian University is here to help. We know how busy life can be, and that’s why we have curated our online undergraduate programs to fit into your schedule no matter how busy you might be. We have made it our goal to provide the perfect online undergraduate degrees for busy Christians.

Online Undergraduate Degrees For Busy Christians

It does not matter what stage of life you are in – life is busy. Whether you are a student fresh out of high school, someone who took a few years break in between high school and college, or an adult looking to go back and get your degree, chances are you are far too busy to spend the majority of your day sitting in a college classroom. That is why Grace has worked to create the perfect online undergraduate programs for students whose schedules do not allow them to attend class traditionally. Check out what makes Grace’s online programs ideal for busy students.

5 Ways Grace Creates Quality Online Undergraduate Programs

At Grace, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an online program that works for students who need a class load that fits in with their busy schedule. Here are the top 5 attributes that set Grace Christian’s program apart from other universities.

1. Flexible Scheduling

At Grace, we make sure the classes you need to take are available when you need them. With our online programs, there are no set login times – just weekly assignments. Grace prioritizes students by allowing them to take classes asynchronously online, making sure school does not interfere with their work and personal lives.

2. Affordability

One of the biggest advantages of attending Grace Christian is its affordability. In fact, our classes are priced as close to cost as possible in an effort to give all students the opportunity to receive a high-quality, Christian education. While many colleges charge upwards of $800 dollars per credit hour, Grace keeps things affordable. View our Online Tuition Costs here.

Discounts are available for members of the military, military spouses, and their dependents 23 years old and younger. This discount drops the price of admission to $250/credit hour.

3. Community

While community may not be the first thing people think of when listing the benefits of an online undergraduate program, Grace has created a close-knit community even within our online programs.

Online classes may not allow you to be with other students in person, but Grace still offers an opportunity to connect with other students through collaborative learning. Students have opportunities to engage with other online students to learn from one another and exchange experiences and ideas. These collaborative learning opportunities create a welcoming environment that enriches our community. 

With small class sizes, students have the opportunity to form deep, encouraging relationships with both students and faculty.

4. Christ-Focused Learning

Grace is dedicated to providing a Christ-focused learning environment that uses the Bible as the foundation for all class material. We know it is vital to prepare students to become ambassadors for God as they enter their chosen career field. No matter the major you are in, Grace will prepare you for a life of ministry in your career path.

5. Professors Who Care

While many online programs do not allow students to create quality relationships with their professors, Grace creates an environment where students are able to connect with their professors as if they were attending in person. Grace emphasizes personalized mentorships to form a tighter community and help students accomplish their educational goals. Our professors will help guide you not just through your undergraduate program but through your faith journey to equip you for life after college.

Request More Info About Our Online Undergraduate Degrees

At Grace, we’ve specifically created our online undergraduate programs for busy students. If you are looking for an online undergraduate program that is accessible and provides the tools you need to succeed, Grace Christian University may be right for you. Request more info or apply today and find the program that will lead you to where God is calling you.

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