The Root Canal

Did you ever have a root canal?  Does that question conjure up wonderful images of “delight” in your mind?  Or, are you (like me) thinking of those molars that cause so much pain before and after?  The hard part is trying to eat the day or two following a root canal.  The stomach continues to ask for food and complains about being hungry while the mouth responds, “Let’s not chew anything for the next 24 hours!”


So, in order to satisfy both stomach and mouth you compromise — and drink “thick” liquids, and mashed-up food (like a 180 pound baby with graying hair).  And, if like me, you have an important luncheon that same day as your root canal, you simply tell your associate that your mouth is in pain and try to convince yourself and him/her that you are satisfied with the soup and while they enjoy a juicy steak!  Who are we kidding?  We never enjoy going back to a diet fit only for infants.  I remember taking the baby food grinder, putting perfectly good food through that little gizmo, and turning the handle until it came out looking like it had already been eaten!  I don’t want to return to that diet ever again!


The writer of Hebrews says, “But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil” (5:14b).  This passage distinguishes the diet that we Christians take in when it comes to the teachings of God’s Word.  But the point I want to emphasize is that by the constant use of the good, solid “meat of the Word,” we train ourselves to “distinguish.”  That is a quality of life we should seek after!  In every situation we must learn to distinguish what is good from what is bad.  It is often this discretion which is lacking in so many of God’s people.  This discretion enables us to choose between what is good and what is the best.  It is an ability which develops over time because of training!  At Grace Christian University we are in the business of building that discernment into the lives of our students.  We must also constantly train ourselves and be immersed in the Word of God, building our Biblical filters and consciences.  That is how we are able to distinguish between good and evil.  That will take us from knowledge to practice!



Make sure you are feeding upon the meat of God’s Word to enable godly discernment to be a normal part of your life.  Start eating meat today.



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