The Value of a Christ-Centered Education: How Grace Christian University Prepares Students for Life

Jan 8, 2024 | Blog

In our world, education often emphasizes solely academic achievement and career success. Yet, in this midst of these college experiences, Grace Christian University seeks to hold up a high standard of academic achievement without sacrificing Biblical values that transcend the classroom. At Grace, we’re committed to providing a Christ-centered education. We know that college isn’t just about finding a job. In addition to finding a great job, we want to prepare students to effectively and unashamedly share the good news of Christ wherever they go. This includes work, ministry, or community and home life. The value of a Christ-centered education is something that our students treasure and reap the benefits of for decades to come.

The Value of a Christ-Centered Education

As Christians, we know that all of our worldly achievements are for nothing if we don’t know Christ and share the gospel. Because of this, we’ve integrated a strong Biblical emphasis into every single one of our degrees.


Well, firstly, all of our programs are taught from a Biblical worldview by experienced, Christian professors. In addition, every degree track includes required Bible and theology classes. Furthermore, students are surrounded by a strong, encouraging Christian community throughout their college years.

Our mission is “Graduating Courageous Ambassadors Who Make An Eternal Impact Wherever They Go.”

We believe that each student is more than just a student. Every person has a God-given purpose in this world. Our degree tracks are designed to prepare our students for each unique calling. Throughout their time at Grace, students grow not only learning, but also in knowledge of and love for God our creator.

College is a formative time in any person’s life. Whether you attend right after high school or go back for a degree later in life, the hours of study and class time are a shaping factor for any student. At Grace, we believe this is an incredible opportunity to encourage students to become equipped for their God-given calling.

Character Development

Education at Grace Christian University extends beyond textbooks and lectures to focus on the development of  Christian character. In a society that often prioritizes individual success, we know that we are most successful when we are joyfully serving God and others. Throughout their time at Grace, students are encouraged to join volunteer opportunities, mission trips, and more to encourage students to put their faith into action. This stepping stone helps prepare students for a full life of service.

Community and Fellowship

Next, another distinctive feature of Grace Christian University is the strong sense of community that permeates the campus. Anyone who has attended Grace quickly understands the close knit community that we call the “Grace Family”.

Students, faculty, and staff come together in a supportive environment. At Grace, relationships are built on a shared commitment to Christ. This sense of fellowship extends beyond the classroom, creating a network of support that lasts a lifetime. In a world that can be isolating, this community-oriented approach provides students with a sense of belonging and purpose.

We’ve been encouraged over and over by the friendships formed at Grace. These deep relationships extend throughout the years and decades as friends encourage and support one another in Christ. Students also enjoy close, encouraging relationships with faculty at Grace.

Preparation for a Life of Purpose

Ultimately, the value of a Christ-centered education at Grace Christian University lies in its preparation of students for a purpose-driven life. Graduates leave not only with a degree, but with a sense of calling and a desire to make a difference. Whether entering the workforce, pursuing further education, or engaging in missions, they are equipped to navigate life’s challenges with a foundation of faith, a strong character, and a commitment to service.

What Alumni Have to Say About the Value of a Christ-Centered Education

Here’s what some of our alumni have to say about their time at Grace.

  • “People always say that ‘college is what you make it,’ and Grace is uniquely equipped to fulfill that. If you give yourself to the community, longing to grow closer to Christ, you will be transformed. I am eternally grateful for the support system I gained from Grace and the growth I experienced.” – Joe Johnson
  • “My favorite experience was getting to know so many different people and having friendships that last a lifetime and that came from a biblical standpoint.” – Tori Bakker
  • “[In writing my thesis]…I learned so much more about how to serve my community better through my profession. …I learned that I can never lose my servants’ heart.” – Carlin Jordan
  • “[Grace] has just always been there. Lifelong friendships — whether it was as a student with other students, whether it was faculty, and now as colleagues.” – Linda Siler
  • “You just develop a bond. It’s the friendship, it’s the camaraderie. They’re my family.” -Bev Wallace
  • My time at Grace helped to make an impact on my life and career in the sense that – even though it might sound cliche – my time at Grace made me want to be a better person in all facets of life. …My mentors, Cory Jamieson, Coach Krombeen, and Dr. Mark Carroll… made me want to become a better Christian and helped me realize that you don’t have to be in ministry to do ministry.” – Chris Smith

Join Us!

Looking for a degree that encourages you not only to excel academically, but also provides a Christ-centered education? At Grace, we’re passionate about equipping students holistically for a life of ministry. We know that God’s calling on every life is unique, but the foundation for every person is the truth of His Word.

Ready to find out more about receiving an education at Grace? Request more info today!

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