Urban Studies

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This program will equip students with the understanding and skills needed to serve in cross-cultural urban settings, as well as develop a biblical framework and understanding of foundational principles for serving effectively in diverse communities. Students will immerse themselves in the vitality and challenges facing contemporary cross-cultural issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, poverty, family, religion, and crime with an emphasis on community engagement and development. Through readings, reflective writing, research, assessment, and other assigned projects, students will explore a systems approach to service in urban settings.

Urban Studies Program Outcomes

In addition to the Human Services Degree outcomes, upon graduating from Grace Bible College with a concentration in Urban Studies, the student will:

  1. Articulate and apply the principles of urban studies in vocation and/or ministry
  2. Assess the needs of the community
  3. Construct practical, biblically-based alternative action plans to contemporary trends in urban communities
  4. Demonstrate culturally competent skills in communicating and building relationships
  5. Design practices which promote the spiritual and emotional healing and reconciliation of urban populations
  6. Identify and articulate a biblical foundation for one’s personal calling to this specialized vocation