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Curriculum / Courses

  •    ARTS & SCIENCE CORE - 27 Credits
  • + GEN 122 -Introduction to Online Studies and Personal Discipleship
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course focuses on the foundational knowledge, skills, and character development required to succeed in the digital classroom and as a follower of Jesus Christ. The digital age of online learning has transformed higher education. The pervasive reach of the Internet has expanded the boundaries of the traditional classroom and created new opportunities for students to realize their goal of attaining a college degree. In addition to the practical skills and knowledge required to succeed in the online learning environment, the need for graduates who live out the values consistent with a Christlike character, in their homes, workplaces, and society has never been more necessary than today. (Replaced GEN 121)
  • + BUS 115 -Introduction to Computers
  • Credit Hours: 3
    Credit Hours: 3 This course encourages online learners to use technology as an effective communication avenue to research and present information for life and learning. Learners will gain experience with technology tools, including Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint that can be used throughout the student’s coursework to create documents and presentations and communicate those appropriately to academic and professional audiences.
  • + ENG 105 -Introduction to College Writing
  • Credit Hours: 3
    Writing is an important skill for academic, ministry, and vocational success. This course focuses on developing writing skills, providing students opportunities to break down the writing process. Students will learn how to create strong thesis statements to drive an academic paper. They will learn how to craft introductory and concluding paragraphs, build the body of a paper, consider their audience, and improve writing skills to communicate more effectively. They will develop basic skills in APA formatting and citations. Students will also work on refreshing grammar skills.
  • + SPE 200 -Oral Communication
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course provides instruction and experience in preparing, delivering, and evaluating a self-introduction speech, an informative speech, and a persuasive speech.  Emphasis is on gaining skills and confidence in public speaking in academic, workplace, ministry, and community contexts.
  • + HUM 231 -World Civilizations
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course will provide students with skills in historical research and analysis, a chronological understanding and factual knowledge spanning from the dawn of civilization to 1700. Emphasis is placed on the origins and achievements of the core civilizations of Asia, Africa, America, and Greco-Roman civilizations. In addition, Christian, Islamic and Byzantine cultures will be studied. The ultimate focus will be to provide students with a historical, factual, cultural, and geographical knowledge of ancient history and its relationship to the Bible. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze significant political, socioeconomic, and cultural developments up to the early modern world civilizations within the interrelations of societies and cultures.
  • + SOC 343 -Cultural Diversity
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course is an exploration of cultural diversity and multiculturalism from a Christian faith perspective. This course provides a process to understand and practice cultural diversity competence.  It is designed to initiate and provide ongoing preparation for effective interaction with everyone in our culturally diverse world.  Growth in these skills equips individuals with the social graces needed to form bonds of mutual trust that will bridge the differences that ordinarily divide people.
  • + SCI 220 -Environmental Science
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course will provide a general understanding of environmental science, while exploring the natural world and the resources it provides. The study of environmental science is approached with an understanding of the responsibilities of human beings to practice wise stewardship of God's creation. Topics include, but are not limited to, exploration of environmental issues, the relations between living and nonliving things, human responsibility for the environment and the earth’s resources now and the future. Through readings, lecture, and discussion we will examine geological, biological, and chemical aspects of science and how these influence economic and social issues on a personal, local, national, and global scale.
  •    PSY 200
  • + FIN 105 -Personal Financial Management
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course will provide a practical introduction to personal finance management and assist the student in being a good steward of God-given resources.  It addresses realistic ways to manage personal assets effectively.  Topics include the development of personal financial goals, planning and budgeting; avoiding fraud and swindles; buying, insuring and financing major assets; consumer credit; banking services; investments;  insurance; retirement and estate planning; and income tax. (Replaced LEA 271 Financial Stewardship)

  •    BIBLE & THEOLOGY CORE - 12 Credits
  • + BIB 141 -Old Testament Survey
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course is a survey of Old Testament literature in its historical setting.  Attention is given to outstanding persons, events, and theological emphases.
  • + BIB 143 -New Testament Literature
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course is a survey of New Testament literature including a study of its historical settings, literary types, and main theological themes.  Attention will also be given to outstanding persons, events, and major teachings. (Title and Course Description updated January 2020.) Course Title and Course Description for BIB 143 through December 2019: BIB 143 New Testament Survey This course is a survey of the background and content of the New Testament with an emphasis on learning to ask questions that will give the student a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. It is designed for students who desire to use the New Testament for the purposes intended by God both in their personal lives and in their teaching. The course is designed from a conservative, evangelical, and dispensational framework.
  • + HUM 133 -Philosophy and Worldview
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course addresses the fact that our culture is confronted with a vast assortment of differing philosophies and worldviews; each claiming to be true. Focus is provided to understand and evaluate these various belief systems in an increasingly pluralistic society. Main ideas of eight different worldviews will be explored while the student develops and expresses a personal worldview. Topics will center around the nature of God, reality, nature of man, death, truth, morality, and the meaning of life. The primary purpose of this course is to challenge students to examine the timeless truths of Christianity.
  • + THE 256 -Christian Theology I
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course is a survey of foundational doctrines of systematic theology including Bibliology, Theology Proper (God), Christology (Christ) and Pneumatology (Holy Spirit). It will include an overview of the mid-Acts dispensational perspective of theology held by the institution. The course also encourages the practical integration of these doctrines in the life and service of the Christian.
  •    MIN 2634
  • + THE 254 -Foundations of Dispensational Theology
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course is an overview of the basic tenets of Dispensational Theology.  Included is a study of foundational passages in the Bible, a review of the historical development, as well as how a dispensational perspective shapes the study of Scripture.  Special consideration will be given to the mid-Acts dispensational views of Grace Christian University.
  • + LEA 273 -Issues in Christian Leadership
  • Credit Hours: 3
    Issues in Christian Leadership addresses the seminal issues in Christian leadership in both the church and para-church settings, including the foundational issues of each of the five following areas: integrity, communication, leadership development, conflict management and self-care.
  • + MIN 261 -Discipling and Mentoring in the Christian Faith
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course is a study in discipleship and mentoring focusing on effective discipleship models from the life of Christ and the First Century Church. Those principles will be applied into an effective design for Twenty-First Century disciple-making, with special attention given to the foundations of Christian discipleship and mentoring. This foundation includes modeling Christ-like character and leadership and building healthy relationships for personal accountability paradigms.
  • + LEA 171 -Introduction to Leadership
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course provides an overview of the basics of leadership with application in both a personal and organizational context.  Creating and communicating the vision, empowering others and recognizing their contributions, challenging the status quo and leading change, and celebrating team and organizational success are all key ideas addressed in this course.  Moreover, students will be asked to evaluate their own personal leadership practices according to these concepts.
  • + MIN 163 -Sharing and Defending the Faith
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course will define faith in Christ (the gospel), and will explore ways to share the gospel. Students will consider the various hindrances to the effective communication of the gospel, as well as develop strategies for answering objections to the gospel in a way that points individuals to Jesus Christ.
  • + LEA 279 -Leadership and Ministry Capstone
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This capstone course is a culmination of various aspects involved in developing an effective leader within a ministry setting. There is a focus on identifying potential leaders and then providing practical methods for training, coaching, and equipping those leaders to reach their full potential. Areas of discussion include integrity, vision-casting, servant-leadership, modeling, as well as current leadership principles utilized in today’s local church. This course provides practical and proven guidelines for any individual involved in ministry who feels called to “equip the saints for ministry.



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This degree is applicable in any career field, but it is specially designed for church and parachurch ministries emphasizing leadership, preaching, teaching, and general ministry skills.


  • Admissions Application free to apply
  • Official Transcripts from all prior colleges where the student wishes to transfer college credits.
  • Ministry Reference (name and number listed on application)


  • 24 months


  • 60 Credits


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