Christian University Online – 5 Benefits of Attending

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Christian University Online – 5 Benefits of Attending

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For students seeking to further their education, the benefits of attending a Christian university online are numerous. Not only are online degrees generally more affordable and more flexible, but they also have a number of other advantages. A few of these include small class sizes and numerous degree options. For working professionals, busy parents, and those engaged in ministry, earning a degree online is an excellent way to achieve educational and career goals while also staying on top of busy, everyday life.

In addition to these benefits of earning a degree online, there are also numerous reasons why many Christians are seeking to achieve their educational goals at a Christian school. For believers, receiving an education isn’t just something to do. It’s also an opportunity to become better equipped to serve wherever the Lord leads – whether in vocational ministry, on the mission field, or in the corporate world. At a university that teaches from a Biblical worldview, students have the opportunity to not only learn intellectually, but to grow spiritually.

At Grace, every degree is taught from a Biblical worldview by Christ-following professors. In addition, each degree track includes required Bible and theology classes. The small class size of a private, online education also offers the opportunity for students to connect with other believing students, encourage one another, and build lifelong friendships.


5 Benefits of Attending a Christian University Online

Here are just a few of the main reasons why many students choose to attend a Christian university online.

1. Bible-Centered Education

One of the leading reasons for attending an online Christian college is that these higher education options offer a degree that’s deeply intertwined with Christian values and a solid, Biblical foundation. Whether earning an online degree at age 17 or age 77, no time spent learning from a Biblical worldview is wasted. 

At Grace Christian University, not only do students learn from a Biblical worldview, but every degree also includes required Bible and theology courses.

2. Flexibility

Another major benefit of attending an online Christian university is the flexibility that it provides. When taking online courses, students can complete credit hours anytime, from anywhere.

Grace Christian University is located in Grand Rapids, MI. However, online students earn college credit with our programs from all over the world. Whether attending for an associates, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree, our online programs are created with busy students in mind. Many of our students are able to earn degrees while working a full time job, serving in ministry, and raising a family.

3. Lower Cost

Next, earning a college degree online is an excellent way to both enjoy flexibility and save money. At Grace Christian University, we offer a variety of financial aid options to make our programs affordable to everyone. Still, there are inevitably more costs associated with attending in person in comparison to earning a degree online. Some of these include room and board, a meal plan, transportation, etc.

With online degree programs, it is very possible to earn an affordable degree while getting a high-quality, flexible education at the same time. Of course, the opportunity to complete classes based around an established work schedule allows students to earn a regular income while attending classes – all at each student’s own pace.

4. Smaller Class Size

The smaller class sizes of a private Christian university means that each student gets to enjoy more personal relationships with professors and with fellow students. At Grace, our online cohort groups average 10-16 students each. This allows students maximum interaction with one another. It also allows for focused support from professors and staff.

5. Wide Range of Degree Programs

An online degree offers numerous degree programs and options to prepare students for life, work, and service – no matter what that may look like. Grace offers associates degrees, bachelors degrees, and even masters degrees that can all be completed flexibly online.

From business to leadership to human services to criminal justice and much more, there are numerous options available when it comes to choosing an online degree. You can check out our online courses of study here.


Do you have questions about attending Grace Christian University online?

Are you interested in learning more about what it looks like to take online classes at Grace? We’d love to connect with you! As a fully accredited online Christian college, we exist to help you pursue your calling while balancing your family, career, and finances.

We understand the hurdles that many students face when desiring to earn a degree. Many adults desire to further their education, but find that tuition, busy schedules, full-time careers, and a lack of solid, Biblical education options get in the way. Grace’s online programs exist to empower students to refine and extend their calling no matter the season of life.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our online degrees, request more information, or apply now!

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