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Grace Christian University’s Online degrees offer associates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in a 100% online format designed for busy adults. Our passionate instructors will guide you through your degree to develop practical skills that will impact your career and faith and prepare you for the global marketplace.


Start Date: 4/09/2019
Admission Deadline: 4/01/2019
Start Date: 6/04/19
Admission Deadline: 5/21/19

Our Programs

Designed Around You

We’ve designed our Online and Graduate programs to benefit students in three primary ways; lower cost, smaller class sizes, and a Christ centered focus.

We realize there are many people interested in pursuing their calling and need to be preparing for that special career, yet are held back by the need to balance family, career, finances and faith. You’ll find that Grace has created a dynamic and fully accredited Online and Graduate program to fit people’s busy lives.

Enhance Your Calling

Our goal is to refine, enhance, and strengthen your ministry through courses that are biblical, practical and relevant.

Biblical—Evaluate biblical, systematic and historical theology perspectives, emphasizing the historic theological contributions and unique perspective of Grace Christian University.

Practical—Employ effective, grace-based leadership and ministry practices that promote the spiritual and emotional well-being of others.

Relevant—Construct practical, biblically-based responses to contemporary trends in theology, church, and culture.

Fully Accredited Online Christian University

We have created a stimulating campus and online environment where instructors are readily available to assist students, and cohort groups are formed to provide peer perspective and discussion. By blending active learning and theory, students are pushed beyond the self study model to engaging real life situations and real life feedback.

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When the time is right, give us a call or download our information pack to learn more about Grace Christian University’s accredited Online and Graduate programs.
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What Our Students Love

  • Experienced and highly rated faculty
  • A stimulating academic environment
  • Cohort groups averaging 10-16 students provide maximum interaction and support from instructors
  • Cohorts are 100% online in an efficient, accelerated program
  • Students from a variety of cultures and ministry backgrounds

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