Choosing a Christian College: Why Grace Christian University Should be on Your List

Jul 17, 2023 | Blog

If you’re a Christian on the college search, choosing a Christian college is something you’ve probably thought about. The young-adult years are the perfect time to grow in your faith and establish a firm Christian foundation as you prepare to enter the workforce. What better place to do that than at a Christian college? 

Rather than being surrounded by opposing worldviews, you can be sharpened and built up by Christian professors and peers who share your love for the truth. But choosing a Christian college isn’t just about being around like-minded Christians. You also need academics that will challenge and empower you. 

As a Christian college, Grace Christian University has the full package: rich spiritual life combined with rigorous academics. Grace is the ideal environment to equip you for your calling as a courageous ambassador for Christ.


Spiritual Life at Grace Christian University

Our beautiful campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan offers numerous chapel services and fellowship opportunities to cultivate a healthy Christian college life.

If you’re interested in more personal ways to grow in the Lord while getting to know your peers, students are encouraged to get plugged into Bible studies and prayer groups.

Grace doesn’t have a formal denominational affiliation, and our students aren’t required to, either. To learn more about what we believe, check out our statement of faith


Grace Christian University Academics

Here at Grace, we offer a Christian college degree like no other. Each program includes a Bible and theology foundation in addition to focused vocational courses.

Grace offers over 25 on-campus undergraduate degree programs, as well as online associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s programs. Our Christian college majors range from psychology and criminal justice to cyber defense and sports management. We also offer a wide selection of minors, which you can view here

Grace Christian University maintains a small faculty-to-student ratio that ensures each student gets the intentional mentoring required to succeed. 


Campus Life at Grace

Choosing a Christian college has a lot to do with campus life, and at Grace, there are countless ways to get involved! 



We have a colorful student life that offers something for everyone. If games are up your alley, join other students for disc golf or euchre. Are you a natural-born leader? Become part of student government or lead on the worship team. For fitness lovers, take part in our intramural sports or enjoy the fitness center. 


Housing and Dining

Grace has on-campus housing that includes dormitories, apartments, and campus houses. Students are required to live on campus until they have completed 4 semesters of college. At that time, students become eligible for off-campus housing.

We offer 6 different dining plan options for on-campus students, and 3 dining options for students living off campus. A highlight of student life here at Grace is the Kahawa Café, which serves delicious coffee and drink options, as well as treats like warm cinnamon rolls. 


Tuition and Financial Aid

While choosing a Christian College, some of your biggest questions are probably going to be about finances. What can you afford, and what kind of Christian college financial aid is available to you?

Well, there’s good news for you. Grace Christian University is dedicated to providing an education that is both high-quality and affordable.



We strive to keep our tuition costs as low as possible, because we believe a solid Christian education should be accessible for everyone.

For a straightforward breakdown of tuition costs at Grace, click here


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Many students are turned off from choosing a Christian college simply because there aren’t financial aid options to make it feasible. At Grace, we’re hoping to change that. 

Grace Christian University accepts Federal Student Aid. If you want to learn more about Federal financial aid, visit

We also offer Christian college scholarships and grants to ease your financial burden. For a list of available scholarships and grants, click here. Grace accepts outside scholarships as well, so if you’ve been awarded an outside scholarship, let our financial aid office know by emailing


So, is Grace Christian University Right For You?

We know choosing a Christian college is a big decision. There’s a lot to consider between the spiritual environment, academics, campus life, and finances. 

At Grace, we sincerely desire to equip you to serve Christ in every area of life. We do this through our rich spiritual life on campus and our strong academics, and we strive to make it feasible for you by providing affordable tuition and aid options.

As you search for the right college, look at Grace Christian University. Request info today to learn more about how we can help you become the person you’re called to be! 

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