Christian College Campus Life

Jun 19, 2023 | Blog

What does life look like on a Christian campus? While some aspects of college are the same no matter where you go (there will always be studying, dorm rooms, and the cafeteria!), other parts of the college experience will be vastly different depending on whether you attend a Christian or secular university. Here’s a glimpse of what Christian college campus life looks like, and what’s unique about Grace Christian University.


Christian College Campus Life

Why choose a Christian college? College is one of the most pivotal times in a person’s life. Whether you just graduated high school or you’re going back to earn your master’s degree, the hours you spend studying make an impact on your life for decades to come. 

However, for students who live on campus (versus online students), the college years make an especially profound impact. This is where lifelong friendships are formed, memories are made, life lessons are learned, and lots of burgers are eaten every “Burger Friday”!


What’s the Difference Between Campus Life at a Christian Vs. Secular University?

Whether you choose to attend a Christian university or a secular one, some aspects of college life will be the same. You’ll still attend classes, you’ll still likely share a dorm room or apartment with other students, you’ll still eat in the cafeteria, you’ll still have late nights of studying… However, there are a number of other aspects of your college experience that will be vastly different from the secular experience if you choose to attend a Christian university.


A strong, Christian community

No matter what activities you choose to be involved in or what classes are required for your degree, every student is affected by the community that makes up a university. At a Christian university, you’ll spend your days learning, serving, studying, eating meals, and enjoying life with other believers. 

At Grace, you’ll find yourself daily walking the halls of a university filled with Christian students who desire to grow as courageous ambassadors of Christ. Although you’ll leave campus upon graduation, you won’t leave the lifelong friendships that you develop during your college years. 

Students at Grace not only enjoy deep, long-lasting friendships with other students, but also friendships and mentorship relationships with staff and faculty. 


Chapel services

Chapel is an essential aspect of student life at Grace Christian University. Our chapel services are held multiple times per week, where students gather to worship and grow in their knowledge of God’s Word. 

Want to get a glimpse of what chapel is like at Grace? Watch our past chapels, or join us on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:45am EST for our live teaching and response chapels on Facebook.


Ministry opportunities & community service

Our mission is: “Graduating courageous ambassadors for Christ who make an eternal impact wherever they go.”

However, making an eternal impact doesn’t just start when you graduate – it starts now. During your time at Grace, you’ll be encouraged to serve in the community, on campus, in church, and perhaps even abroad. We want to help you prepare for a life of service and ministry. This happens not just through classroom learning, but through hands on experience in the community. Some of these ministry opportunities include serving at a church, with a non-profit, or even on campus. 

Serving in ministry during your college years not only helps you prepare for whatever ministry opportunities the Lord will provide in the future, but it also develops the habit of a life of service.


Extracurricular activities

As a Christian university, we value time spent together in wholesome fun as we build relationships, learn, and grow together. Some of the favorite extracurricular activities at Grace include intramural sports, disc golf, small groups, clubs, euchre, and even cross-cultural mission trips.


A Biblical education

Lastly, one of the most unique features of campus life at a Christian college is the opportunity to experience a Biblical education. As Christians, we want our thinking and value systems to always align with God and His Word. One of the best ways to do this is to learn from professors and curriculum that exalts Christ and teaches the truths of the Bible. 

Our programs each include at least 30 hours of required Bible and theology classes. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn from professors and staff who have a strong Biblical foundation and will encourage their students in their pursuit of Christ.


Ready to Experience Campus Life for Yourself?

Do you want to experience the benefits of a Christian university during your college years? If you’re in the process of choosing a college, we’d love to welcome you to check out Grace Christian University. Schedule a visit to see the campus for yourself, or request more info today!


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