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Jul 31, 2018 | President's Blog


It is truly amazing to meet with individuals from different cultures in faraway lands yet find there is a strong bond between you.  My wife Kathy and I found this to be true on our recent trip to Tanzania, East Africa.  We were reunited with brothers and sisters in Christ from our ministry there prior to our coming to Grace fifteen years ago.  We taught the Word of God and biblical leadership to the men and women.   We sang, prayed, and ate in the homes of beloved believers who are forever changed by the grace of God!  These men and women were anxious to thank us for our ministry those many years ago when we did evangelism, church planting, and church edification with them.   They speak and sing in a different language, but the grace of God is prevalent in their testimony and praise.

I am amazed at how God’s grace is so global!   It is not hindered by political or cultural boundaries.  God seeks to save and transform the life of one who welcomes His work.  The “grace believers” in Tanzania express their appreciation and worship in animated ways which many of us in West Michigan might find a bit charismatic, but isn’t God’s grace worthy of such celebration?  We were able to meet with many believers who desired to ask why we left them, and the ministry of saving souls and training ministers in Africa.  We spoke of the work of Grace Christian University, and the very important need to prepare another generation of educated ministers to serve alongside those being prepared for ministry around the world.  The believers were excited by this response and enjoyed hearing how God is at work at Grace Christian University!  They asked that we visit again, and encourage others from Grace to visit them in the coming days.

As we ramp up now in August to begin the new academic year, we are excited and rejuvenated by our travels to see the grace of God at work around the world.  Please pray for the faculty and staff as they prepare to receive a large new class of freshmen.  Please also uphold our many returning students who have done ministry and worked to finance another year of their education.

Have you heard about our 40 Days of Prayer beginning September 1?  We are seeking a tremendous engagement of individuals who believe in the power and importance of prayer.   As we begin our first year as Grace Christian University, we are dedicating forty days (September 1 through October 10) to pray around the clock for God’s favor and hand of blessing on the expansion of our ministry.  Will you please take a moment and sign up for a half hour time slot to pray each week during this prayer vigil?

May the Grace of God grow and encourage you!

Ken Bruce Kemper

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