How Progress is Made

How Progress is Made


Winter is holding on here in West Michigan!  The ground remains solidly frozen.  Daily, I hear from people who are anxious for warmer weather and jealous of those who are looking at palm trees or cactus.  But when it comes to the calendar – and often the weather – I’ve noticed something incredibly obvious and yet profound:  progress is made “one day at a time.”

Very little in life moves from present reality into something extraordinary without a lot of time and the development of daily habits to lead toward that destination.  This includes learning a skill, getting a degree, getting into better physical shape, or growing in Christlikeness!

With this in mind, when the weather or other challenges seem daunting, the best approach to our hope and outlook for change is to set our mind, heart, and actions to focusing on the small efforts it takes to finish the tasks of the day.  Go to bed with thankfulness and full faith in God to give you strength to do it again tomorrow.  By doing this, you will learn and see how doing this repeatedly can bring about a significant difference over time.

This is how strong marriages are built. This is how parents bring stability and meaning to their children.  This is how character and fortitude are developed to make us able to withstand the unpredictable storms of life.  So, let us embrace the mundane daily challenges with vigor, knowing that each day and action is important.  They are producing something greater than just a day’s work.

God is faithful (1 Corinthians 10:13) to be there working daily in our lives and in our world if we allow Him to do this in our lives.

Did you know that our strongest financial partners are those who have dedicated themselves to investing what God gives them each month, or year, rather than awaiting God to give them a “windfall” of wealth to share with others?  Please consider how you might invest in this exciting ministry in which young people are prepared to serve Christ for years to come.  Take action and keep plugging away!

Ken Bruce Kemper

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