How Grace’s Online MBA Program Adapts to the Business World

Jan 15, 2024 | Blog

Life is busy. Between work, social gatherings, extracurricular activities, friends, and family, it may seem impossible to pursue a master’s degree with how full your schedule is. That’s where Grace Christian University comes in to help. Although you may be incredibly busy, Grace’s online MBA program is still easily accessible. Nowadays not everyone has the time to sit in an actual classroom for several hours a week. That’s why Grace is committed to creating a schedule that works for your busy life. Through Grace’s online MBA program, you can earn your master’s in business management at your own pace.

Why Enroll in an Online MBA Program?

Deciding to enroll in any master’s course is a big decision and one you should not take lightly. It’s important to consider all the facts, weighing the pros and cons, before coming to a conclusion. So what is the benefit of enrolling in Grace’s online MBA program?

Flexible Schedule

As previously mentioned, finding the time to actually take classes is one of the biggest hurdles many students have to overcome when enrolling in an online MBA program. That is why Grace stays dedicated to helping students learn on a schedule that works for them.

Grace prioritizes our students, allowing them to create a schedule that works around their busy lives. Students are able to take classes asynchronously online, minimizing interference in their work schedule and personal lives. Online classes have no set login times – just weekly assignments.

A Quality Community

Another reason many people tend to avoid online programs is that they do not offer the same “college experience”. Many students tend to feel like they are not getting the same experience they would attending class in person. While there certainly is a difference between in-person and online courses, Grace has gone above and beyond to help mitigate those differences and create a community for online students.

While online classes may not allow you to be with other students in person, Grace still offers an opportunity to connect with other students through collaborative learning. You will have many opportunities to engage with other online students to learn from one another and exchange experiences and ideas. These collaborative learning opportunities will help create teamwork skills and create a culture of mutual support.

However, students are not the only aspect of a quality college community. It’s also vital to have professors who are dedicated to creating personal relationships with their students to inspire growth. Grace encourages personalized mentorships as a way of forming a tighter community and helping students reach academic success and fulfill their educational goals. Our professors will help guide you not just through your academic career but through your faith journey to equip you for what God has called you to do.

What Is Needed to Enroll in Grace’s MBA Program?

At Grace, we believe it’s best to keep things simple and accessible. That’s why we keep it as easy as possible to apply for our MBA program. You only need to complete five steps to apply.

  1. Fill Out an Application
  2. Complete Your FAFSA
  3. Disclose Your Military Status
  4. Let Us Know If You’re a Grace Alumni
  5. Send Us Your Transcript

Request More Info

If you are looking for a Christ-centered education and professors with first-hand experience, Grace is a great choice. Further your education and join the ever-growing world of business on a schedule that works for you. Request more info to find out how Grace Christian University can make a difference in your life.

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