Graduate Application Process at Grace Christian University – 5 Easy Steps

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Graduate Application Process at Grace Christian University – 5 Easy Steps

Graduate Application Process at Grace Christian University - 5 Easy Steps
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Many people aspire to earn their master’s degree but wonder if it can really fit into their busy life. At Grace, we’ve worked to make earning a master’s degree possible and easily accessible – even to hardworking professionals. To get started, all you have to do is complete Grace Christian University’s simple graduate application process. Applying is free at Grace! Keep reading to find out more about our master’s programs and what it takes to apply.


Graduate Degrees at Grace Christian University

Our master’s programs were created to help you advance in your career and calling while strengthening your foundation of Biblical truth. Each degree was created to be a viable option for busy professionals and offers flexibility as you work around a career and everyday life.


What graduate degrees are available at Grace?

There are four different degree tracks available in our Master of Arts program. These include:

  1. Higher Education Leadership
  2. Ministry
  3. Organizational Leadership
  4. Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Benefits of a Master’s Degree at Grace

A lot of adults dream of pursuing a master’s degree while also wondering if it can really fit into a busy life. It’s no secret that earning a degree takes time, energy, and finances.

At Grace, we’ve worked hard to make earning a master’s degree accessible for everyone. We offer low tuition rates, a personalized education plan, classes that are 100% online, and a Biblical focus that integrates Bible and theology classes into every degree.


Why Pursue a Master’s Degree?

Although everyone has their own reason to continue their education, some of the most common reasons for pursuing a master’s degree include career advancement, higher earning potential, personal development, and greater credibility.

Whether you hope to advance in your career, increase your salary, or simply learn for your own personal benefit, master’s degrees are within reach at Grace.

You can read more about the benefits of a master’s degree as well as FAQs in this post. 


Grace Christian University’s Graduate Application Process

It’s easy to apply for your degree. Just follow these five steps.

1) Fill out an application.

Firstly, get started by filling out your application. It’s free to apply at Grace! The categories included in the graduate online application are:

  • Personal information. Name, program of interest, etc.
  • Demographics. Date of birth, veteran status, etc.
  • Residency status.
  • Permanent address.
  • College information. (Colleges previously attended and degrees earned.)
  • Financial options.
  • Testimony. This includes a few questions to describe your Christian life.
  • Academic agreement.
  • Referral incentive program. (Did you know you can earn a $100 Amazon gift card by referring a student to Grace?)


2) Complete the current year’s FAFSA.

If you plan to use FAFSA to pay for tuition, you’ll need to complete and enter Grace Christian University’s school code of 002265.


3) Let us know if you are/have been in the military or are a military spouse.

Grace offers tuition assistance and veteran benefits to military members and spouses. For our online programs only, the military tuition rate is $250 per credit hour.

You can learn more about our financial aid options here.


4) Let us know if you’re a Grace Christian University alumni.

Tuition discounts are also available for Grace alumni.

If you haven’t yet joined our alumni connect portal, check it out here to connect with your fellow Grace alumni.


5) Send us your undergraduate transcript.

Lastly, we’ll need an official or unofficial transcript showing a bachelor degree awarded OR a transcript combined with a letter verifying eligibility to graduate from the institution’s registrar.

An official transcript from the undergraduate institution where the bachelor degree was earned must be submitted by the end of the first course.

You can request official transcripts be sent to the address below or by electronic transfer in parchment to or Grace Christian University, 1011 Aldon St. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49509


Pursue Your Graduate Degree at Grace Christian University!

Ready to continue pursuing your calling at Grace? Fill out your application or request more information today!

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