Mid-Summer Classic

During these warm days of summer Major League Baseball teams take a short break, and some of the top players (chosen by fans, players, and managers) prepare for the annual All-Star Game. This event is often thought of as the signal of the middle of summer (or the mid-point of a long baseball season!). A lot of commentary is offered up regarding the surprises and under-performances of players and teams at this mid-way point.

A book written by Patrick Morley in 1999 refers to this halfway point in relationship to life. In The Second Half for the Man in the Mirror, the sequel to his popular book Man in the Mirror, Morley focuses on the later seasons of man’s life which are identified in his earlier book. When a man in his late 40’s or 50’s, has pursued the success of this world, and has made his “mark,” he often finds himself in need of some adjustments for the second half of life in areas that may have been accidentally neglected. Here, according to Morley, the mature years focus on family, deep friendships, investing in others, and working toward a legacy of godliness and love based on the power of God. Along the same lines, Bob Buford, founder of the Leadership Network, authored a book entitled Halftime, which speaks of the needed mid-point adjustments for each person to get to a point of “success” by the end of the game.

But these reminders of the half need to awaken us to the reality that we are not just playing some game, but the it is the investment of life and eternity which we are living out! We do NOT know the number of days we have on this planet! Many of us have experienced the shocking news of a loved one or friend passing into eternity, or have received news of test results indicating a life-threatening disease or condition. In other words, we may be in the fourth quarter, or last inning, and we need to get busy with the Lord’s work!

We are blessed to be used in God’s service. Go ahead and take a needed break from the rat race of life this summer, and enjoy some “R & R.” Renew your mind and reflect on how God wants you (and each of us) to engage in the work which is eternal. Invest your time, resources, and thoughts in eternal issues like people, the teaching of the Word, and reaching young people and others for Christ. This is the legacy we must invest in to finish strong. Let’s engage our friends in spiritual conversations and do all we can to increase the eternal celebration we look forward to at the end of this short life! Continue to pray and be a partner with Grace Christian University as God uses us to educate and equip over 1,000 people this year who will in turn reach others! That is a great investment strategy.

Ken B. Kemper


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