Grace Campus Pastor Honored for his Service in the Wyoming Community

Grace Campus Pastor Honored for his Service in the Wyoming Community

Rick Pilieci has always been a person described as committed, loyal, and a man of integrity. A graduate of Grace Christian University, Rick spent 14 years as a local pastor in Muskegon before he came to Grace Christian to assume the position of Campus Pastor. During this time, the Pilieci family moved to Wyoming, MI from Muskegon. Rick loves his neighbors and wants the best, not only for Grace Christian University, but Wyoming as a whole. Mr. Pilieci is often heard sharing his passion for his local community with others.

Coupling Rick’s passion for the Grace Christian campus and local Wyoming community, it was only a matter of time before he became the Wyoming Police Department Chaplain. Pastor Rick is often seen meeting with officers during their wellness hour, during shifts, or attending evening ride-alongs.

Rick’s service to his community over the years is admirable, and his recent recognition showed his excellence in volunteer service. On October 18, “Pastor Rick” was honored during the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan banquet in Traverse City, MI. Nominated for an award for his service to the Wyoming Police Department, his volunteer work as the Police Chaplain singled out Rick to receive the “Outstanding Volunteer Award”. He was the only recipient in the State of Michigan given this honor.

Shad McGinnis, Officer in the Community Services Unit of the Wyoming Police Department, stated that he was “thankful not only for Rick’s work as Police Chaplain, but also for coordinating the National Night Out events with WPD and Grace Christian University, as well as helping coordinate the Boots and Badges event for Wyoming Department of Public Safety members and their families.”

Pastor Rick Pilieci continues to live and model a life of service through his commitment, loyalty and integrity. Grace Christian University and the Wyoming Police Department give thanks for his service and look forward to his heart of service being present for many years to come.

Congratulations Pastor Rick!

Written By: Kyle Bohl