The Hole-in-One and Divine Intervention

Pres_Kemper_OutingI love the game of golf!  I recently traveled up north with a great group of Christian men to enjoy the beauty of Northern Michigan along the shores of Lake Michigan as we played some beautiful courses. We laughed, played, and spent time in God’s Word led by my good friend, Pastor Rob Renberg. We prayed for each other and the ministry of the College. On this trip, we had the exciting privilege of experiencing something that even the professional golfers hope to achieve: a hole-in-one! That’s right, Mr. Rick Rush struck a ball from the tee box, and his entire group watched as the ball hit the green, rolled, and disappeared into the cup! They all observed, exclaiming first in unbelief, then in denial, and finally in excitement and raucous celebration! Of course, for the remainder of the trip, the telling and re-telling of the event was even better than the actual one! Now, I don’t mean to at all diminish the golf game of my friend Mr. Rush, as he sought to execute a great shot, and did hit the perfect shot, and but he will be the first to admit (as most golfers would) that the wind, the roll, and everything else has to be “just right” for such an event to take place! He did his best, yet, he looked heavenward afterwards to express his appreciation to the Almighty for the results!

Isn’t that how it is with most of the work we set out to do? At Grace Christian University, we work very hard. We just finished the season of annual performance reviews. Every employee of the College—whether part time or full time—does a thorough self-evaluation, sits down with their supervisor who also fills out an evaluation of their work, and together they examine how they have done at their work over the past year. In addition they agree upon an action plan for the coming year with 2-4 main goals strategically aimed to move the College forward. This is a rewarding time as we commend good work, and challenge each person to push forward in their work for the glory of God. We work hard, and yet, we stop with great regularity to pray for God’s favor and intervention upon the work we plan and strategically work toward.
We also work hard to make the financial needs of the College known to our friends and partners so they can pray and participate. We seek God to move friends to partner in prayer and give financially so these needs are met. As we began this final month of our fiscal year, we have been praying for $38,000 in generous gifts to make our annual goal. As of today, $32,000 of that amount has yet to be given. Would you please seek “Divine Intervention” of God’s blessing along with us to meet this goal? Please pray, and give, if you are able, to help meet this year end goal. We look to the heavens for help, knowing His resources are entrusted to His people.

Would you please pray with us for God’s favor and blessing on His work with us? God bless you!

– Ken B. Kemper, President


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