This is What We Do!

Group of graduates in gownsWe have all heard that saying, over and over again (usually in reference to “saving money on car insurance!”).   At Grace Christian University we recently celebrated our seventy-first annual commencement ceremony.  Throughout the weekend of graduation events, more than 120 graduates shared their incredible stories of how their lives were changed by their time and attendance at Grace Christian University.  The stories were abundant – telling of ministry experiences, studying together with friends, and the rich insights gained through mentoring relationships with faculty and staff.  At the end of the commencement ceremony, I was deeply moved as I looked out over those graduates who had just walked across the stage in their cap and gown and received their diplomas, shook my hand, and had pictures taken.  I was moved as I communicated to the audience and the graduates that they are “the hope for the world!”  They are the ministers of the gospel and the instruments of God – whether they are 22 years old or 59 years old, traditional students or non-traditional students!


We look at these graduates and proudly say, “This is what we do!”  Our mission statement is “Graduating Godly Individuals Prepared To Serve Christ In Church And Society.”  We must have graduates to fulfill our reason for existence.  We must have graduates who are godly.  We must prepare them to serve Christ!  This is what we do!   We now (along with you) prayerfully send them forth to serve in church and society.  How will we know if we are effective?  If society is changed – both locally and globally!   Please pray for God to use these new graduates, who are equipped with God’s Word and power to transform the world, one life at a time.  This is what we do!  


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