Top 10 Best Christian Colleges in 2024

May 16, 2024 | Blog

For students seeking a higher education grounded in Christian values and teachings, choosing the right Christian college is an important decision. The 2024 academic year is right around the corner, several institutions stand out for their commitment to integrating faith and learning. Here are 10 of the best Christian colleges to consider: 

1. Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX)

Texas Christian

With a blend of liberal arts curriculum and Christian heritage, TCU provides an enriching environment for spiritual growth and academic excellence. The best thing about TCU is that  academics are taken seriously, and there are so many opportunities to be involved on campus, contribute to the community, and be involved in organizations and interests that keep a balance in college life. The university’s mission emphasizes developing ethical leaders and critical thinkers. Students can get involved with campus ministries, local service opportunities, and global study abroad trips.


2. Biola University (La Mirada, CA)

Biola University

As one of the nation’s premier evangelical Christian universities, Biola upholds a firm biblical worldview across its programs. Students benefit from a strong sense of community and numerous ministry opportunities. Popular majors include biblical studies, business, education, nursing and more. Biola facilitates spiritual fellowship and hands-on application of faith.


Grace Christian University (Grand Rapids, MI)

Grace campus

Grace has a great community atmosphere, it’s small enough that you will know all the professors and students around campus. The college offers over 40 academic programs taught from a Bible-centered perspective. Grace is known for its welcoming campus atmosphere and affordable tuition rates. Standout programs include business, leadership & ministry, criminal justice and Biblical studies. The university emphasizes developing students’ to be courageous ambassadors for Christ who make an eternal impact wherever they go. Graduates of Grace Christian University are prepared spiritually, relationally and professionally to go wherever the Lord leads them. 


Baylor University (Waco, TX)

Baylor University

As the oldest continually operating university in Texas, Baylor combines its rich Baptist heritage with outstanding academics. The university integrates Christian ideals within a research-intensive environment. In addition to seminary studies, Baylor offers over 140 baccalaureate programs like accounting, engineering, nursing and more. Students can engage through Baptist Student Ministries, global missions, and service learning. The Baylor campus is absolutely gorgeous. Green grass, towering trees, and a healthy mix of state of the art new buildings and old, historic buildings. It is also relatively small – one can traverse the whole thing in about 15 minutes on foot.


Union University (Jackson, TN)

Union University

Union’s commitment to Christ-centered excellence is embodied in its comprehensive liberal arts programs. The university nurtures students’ intellectual and spiritual development through a biblical worldview. It is a small Christian college. Because it is small, you get to know or at least recognize just about everyone on campus and the professors. There is a slower, more relaxed pace and everybody is pretty much friendly. Popular majors span nursing, business, education, engineering and ministry studies. Union emphasizes community and mentorship, with discipleship opportunities and an active campus ministries program.


St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN)

St. Olaf college

While affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Olaf welcomes students of all Christian traditions. Furthermore, the college provides an academically rigorous education grounded in Christian values like service and integrity. In addition, St. Olaf offers a classic liberal arts education, with most students majoring in fields such as economics, biology, mathematics and more. Moreover, faith development is facilitated through chapel services, religious studies coursework, and community outreach opportunities.


Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)

Liberty University

Liberty University is one of the largest Christian universities, offering over 700 programs from a conservative evangelical perspective. Additionally, the school emphasizes cultivating knowledge integrated with biblical truth. In addition to ministry degrees, other popular programs include business, education, aviation, law and more. Furthermore, students benefit from abundant spiritual growth resources such as campus churches, discipleship groups, and global mission opportunities. The sense of community at Liberty is wonderful. The leadership teams that are set up on every residential hall help each student feel connected, supported, and loved. The professors are wonderful, godly people who are passionate about student success and about what they’re teaching.


Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA)  

Grace campus

Pepperdine seamlessly blends top-tier academics with its affiliation to the Churches of Christ. Not only that, but the university actively encourages students to participate in global learning programs rooted in Christian ideals. Other than the fact that you can see the blue horizon on almost any point on campus, and the fact that the entire school knows and appreciates the beauty of the ocean, The sense of community is great at this school. You can walk around campus with hats and shades on, and within two minutes, at least five people will have recognized you and called out your name. Offering an extensive array of over 40 majors across various disciplines, Pepperdine has particularly gained renown for its exceptional business, law, and public policy programs. Moreover, the institution weaves faith throughout the academic experience, integrating it into coursework, chapel services, and service initiatives.


Hendrix College (Conway, AR)

Hendrix College

Though not affiliated with a specific denomination, Hendrix upholds its United Methodist values like service, ethical leadership, and spiritual exploration within a liberal arts context. Additionally, the college offers over 30 majors, with notable strengths in areas such as biology, politics, and humanities. Hendrix emphasizes vocational exploration and community engagement through mentorship, religious life programs, and off-campus study opportunities.


College of the Ozarks (Point Lookout, MO)

College of Ozarks

Widely known as “Hard Work U,” this Christian liberal arts college emphasizes character development alongside quality education. All students work on-campus to graduate debt-free. While offering over 40 majors, the college is well-regarded for agriculture, culinary arts, and hospitality management studies. C of O facilitates spiritual growth through chapel requirements, local ministry opportunities, and character curriculum.

Aligning Your Goals with the Right Christian College

No matter which college path you choose, the decision deserves careful thought and reflection on your goals and priorities. The institutions highlighted here represent some of the finest options for students desiring an education. By prayerfully selecting the right Christian college, you can equip yourself for a life of faith-inspired purpose and impact.

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