What Degree Do I Need for My Desired Career?

Many students begin their college journey with an idea of what they would like to do for a living after graduating, but they don’t know the path they need to take to reach that goal. It can be hard to know what degree you need for your specific desired career, and many colleges will not give you a straight answer. They go on and on about different majors and minors and specializations that the answer gets lost in the torrent of information. At Grace Christian University we like to keep things simple. “What degree do I need for my desired career?” is a simple question that deserves a simple answer. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the most popular career opportunities and the degree you’ll need to excel in those careers.

What Degree Do I Need?

Grace Christian University offers an array of different degrees, ensuring we have the degree program that you need to get your dream job.


To become a missionary you will need a degree in biblical studies/leadership & ministry or a degree in communication. These degrees will help you understand the Bible in its original language and cultural context to better grasp God’s word and share it with those around the world.


Becoming a lawyer requires a degree in criminal justice or interdisciplinary studies. As a lawyer, you will be able to advise and represent clients in criminal or civil proceedings or in any legal matters. These programs help ensure you are able to fulfill these duties while maintaining a Christ-centered worldview.

Public Servant/Public Office

To become a public servant or hold public office, one needs to major in either communication or interdisciplinary studies. As a public servant, you will be able to aid in the development of public programs and services while giving advice to elected leaders.


To establish yourself within the marketing industry or in media you should get a degree in communication or business. Those going into marketing will be able to help promote organizations and the products they sell. A degree in communication will help you navigate global communication strategies.

Journalism/Content Creation

If you’re looking for a job in journalism or content creation you should major in communication and minor in writing & literature. These programs will help prepare you for a career in journalism and content creation. As such you will create content for publication outlets such as websites and magazines.

Event Planner

To become an event planner you will need to major in communication. Event planners’ jobs consist of exactly what it sounds like – planning events. From weddings to anniversaries to corporate events and even galas, they arrange everything so large social events go on without a problem.

Athletic Director

Becoming an athletic director requires you to major in communication and minor in sports & management. As an athletic director, you will oversee all areas of an organization’s athletic program, hiring coaches, recruiting staff, and players. Even marketing and budgeting is under their control.

Police/Law Enforcement

A career in law enforcement is an exciting career choice that requires a degree in criminal justice. As a police officer, your job is to protect and serve your city and the people that live there. By enforcing the law, you’ll make sure all citizens are happy, healthy, and safe.

Business Owner/Entrepreneur

For those with a mind for business and an entrepreneurial spirit, it would be worthwhile to get a business degree. As a business owner, you’ll define the vision for your company and create a roadmap leading you and your team to reach those goals. You’ll overcome financial and political obstacles through strategic thinking.


A job in nursing requires a degree in interdisciplinary studies and a dual degree with Davenport. Nurses work to help prevent disease and illness and promote healthier lifestyles for their patients. Nurses work alongside doctors to help come up with treatment plans for patients by assessing their health.

Find Out More

Still unsure what degree is required to qualify for your dream job? No problem! Grace Christian University’s knowledgeable staff is waiting and ready to answer any and all questions you might have about any of our many degree programs. Request more info today, and let us help you plan your future.

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