Why You Should Get A Communication Degree

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Why You Should Get A Communication Degree

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The Number One Reason You Should Get A Communication Degree From Grace


Why should you get a communication degree? Communication seems easy. We all do it, but what happens when you get to the professional world and you encounter tricky situations, conflict, and even crisis events in the workplace? At Grace Christian University, we equip students to make an eternal impact wherever they go. Communication is one of the most versatile degrees and will help you in every job or sector of the professional world. 

Communication Is Used In Every Profession


We use communication everyday. Whether it’s through your phone, computer or face to face, it is an essential skill for every human being. Sometimes we may think that communication is easy and that we have it all figured out, but in reality, there are hard situations that come about in everyday life that are hard to communicate through. 


In every profession we have to communicate. Dr. Pam Sherstad, professor of communication, says “We cannot not communicate. Even when we refuse to speak, we are communicating something”. 


Maybe you aren’t sure what kind of degree to get, or maybe you simply want a degree that works well for any job you might want. Communication is a well rounded degree that will make you stand apart from those who may not have the soft skills needed for working with others. 


“You never know where you’re going to land… You don’t know what God’s plans are and it’s a great skill to have with any career, but also in relationships.”

 – Professor Emily Gehman


Communication Can’t Happen Apart From Community


Grace has an intentional community. Our professors are easily accessible and want to get to know you. They love their students and will often support students in other ways outside of the classroom. You see them at games, in chapel, and in the dining hall chatting and building relationships with students. There are also amazing opportunities to join professors on field trips that give you credit in classes.


Grace professors are interested in investing in you as a person just as much as investing in you professionally. They truly want to build you up to be a courageous ambassador for Christ. With a communication degree,


“It’s less about what you want to do after you graduate, and more about who you want to be.” – Dr. Pam Sherstad


What you communicate shows your character and who you are. Learning to hone the messages you are sending helps you grow in understanding of yourself and others. 


Not only does Grace have amazing professors, but there are so many opportunities on campus to be a part of the community. Chapel is one of the best places to be an intentional part of the community at Grace. It’s one of the best ways that students can communicate with each other and with staff and faculty. Chapel is required for all students, and it’s where we come together to worship God during our week. 


Communication Is God given


In Exodus 4, the nation of Israel is in slavery in Egypt. God speaks to Moses and asks him to speak on behalf of the people of Israel to bring them out of Egypt. Now, Moses argues with the Lord and says that he is not eloquent enough and that he is slow of speech. This is how the Lord responds, 


“Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the LORD? Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak.” (Ex. 4:11-12, ESV)


God has given each one of us the ability to communicate no matter what our circumstances are. Moses doubted that his voice would be the best option for God to use. In the end, God helps Moses by giving him Aaron to speak, but it robs Moses of the blessings that he would have enjoyed otherwise. God uses our communication so that we may be courageous ambassadors for him. A degree from Grace in communication will help you obtain the skills you need to communicate clearly with others in all areas of your life. 


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