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Online Degrees

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Grace Christian University is your path to a degree with purpose in faith, community, and career. Achieve your degree 100% online, reach your career goals, and grow closer to God.

Grace Online has passionate instructors who will guide you through your degree. Become a part of an online community who learns and does life together.

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Start Date: 6/18/2019
Admission Deadline: 6/03/2019
Start Date: 6/04/2019
Admission Deadline: 5/21/2019


Grace’s online academic programs serve the evolving needs of church and society by offering a well-rounded education to students who accept the timeless truths of Scripture.


Regardless of which major a student pursues, there will be a biblical foundation delivered by inspired instructors who we treat as a “living curriculum.” This means our faculty members are committed to serving as role models, engaging minds and hearts, and preparing students with the tools to pursue a calling.

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A Current Online Student’s Story

Emily Acosta, 45, Law Enforcement, Goshen, New York

“I just started my online journey at Grace Bible College to obtain my Bachelors of Science Degree in Leadership and Ministry.  My initial and only search for “online Bible colleges” led me to Grace Bible College [now Grace Christian University].

From the very start, I was introduced to my Academic Advisor. Her professionalism and excellence in communication have really helped me transition easily into my new college experience. I think she probably believes in me even more than I do at times!

There is also a wonderful strong support based team of instructors, and assistant teachers that are available to help you navigate all of the school’s websites, and systems such as Blackboard. Even though I have a full-time job that is stressful, along with other responsibilities that keep me busy on the weekends I am really enjoying my class, the assignments, and discussions with my classmates. I especially like the fact that Grace offers me all the tools and support that I need to become a proficient, and successful student.


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