How to Pay for Your Education: Scholarships and Financial Aid at Grace Christian University

Jan 2, 2024 | Blog

At Grace Christian University, we believe that every Christian should have the opportunity to earn a Biblical education that adequately prepares them to serve God and serve others. We know that finances can be a big hurdle when it comes to applying for and earning your college degree. If you’ve been pondering decisions about college but are wondering how to pay for your education, please know that there are options! At Grace, we prioritize not only scholarship opportunities and financial aid, but also offering low tuition to our students, so that we can graduate more courageous ambassadors who are prepared to make an eternal impact.

How to Pay for Your Education – Options for Students

1. Get the best value for your time and money

The first – and probably most important – way to pay for your education is by choosing the right college. When you’re choosing a college, here are thousands of options out there to consider.

For Christians, one of the first decisions that needs to be made is whether you’ll attend a Christian or secular university. If you’re not sure which option to choose, check out these 4 reasons for choosing a Christian college.

While a Christian college is beneficial for so many reasons (such as helping you grow in your faith, learning from a Biblical worldview, and forming a strong Christian friend group), it’s also important to consider the level of education that you’ll receive.

Whether you’re pursuing an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, our degree programs offer a high quality of education, small class sizes, and experienced professors who care both about your education and your spiritual growth.

Because we strongly believe in providing the opportunity for all students to receive a high-quality, Christian education, Grace’s tuition rates are considerably less than other private colleges in Michigan.

You can check out our current tuition rates here.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we all make the choices that we feel provide the greatest value for us.

2. Utilize financial aid

Many Grace students use financial aid to help fund their education. This can be an excellent way to acquire the funds you need in order to pay for college. If you’re considering the option of financial aid, you can find out more about applying for FAFSA and loans here.

In order to be best prepared to serve God in life, work, and ministry, we encourage our students to only take the loan amount that they actually need in order to complete their degree. This way, students can be freed up to continue serving and working in their community and family without excess loans.

3. Check out scholarships

Next, make use of scholarships! Grace offers a variety of scholarships and grants

In addition, we encourage students to check out outside scholarship options, such as:

4. Consider an online degree

For students who are not located in the West Michigan area, need more flexibility, or simply want a more affordable option, an online degree can be a great way to go! Our online degrees offer the same, high-quality level of education, but with more flexibility, smaller class sizes, and at a lower cost. Online degrees also allow you to save money by not having to worry about the cost of room and board.

Learn more about the benefits of an online degree and how to apply here.

We also have tuition discounts for military personnel and their spouses available to online students.

Pursue Your Calling at Grace Christian University

As the rest of the world continues to compromise on Christian values and the authority of the Word of God, Grace Christian University stands as a strong pillar that leans on the truth of God’s Word. All of our degree tracks include required Bible and theology classes.

At Grace, we strive daily to live out our core values:

  • Bible centered
  • Grace theology
  • Ministry focused
  • Transformational relationships

Ready to join us? Request more info today!

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