From Student to Professional – How Grace Christian University Helps Graduates Launch Their Careers

Jul 25, 2023 | Blog

Grace Christian University is dedicated to graduating courageous ambassadors for Christ who make an eternal impact wherever they go – including in their careers.

Our students are equipped to succeed in their chosen fields and launch their careers. Check out these stories to find out how many of our alumni have gone from student to professional during and after their time at Grace Christian University.

From Student to Professional at Grace Christian University

Career Exploration

It can be overwhelming to figure out what career path to pursue and what degree to choose. We understand the desire to have a successful career and to serve the Lord in your working years. Still, when you’re considering college, it can feel like a massive decision to figure out which direction to go in.

At Grace, we understand the desire to have a fulfilling career and to be used by the Lord. But we also understand the pressure to choose the “right” degree for you.

Curious how your skills and strengths might fit into God’s plan for your life after graduation? Many of our students have taken these online assessments to help them explore how their skills might align with certain careers. Give them a try! 

Career Explorer
O*Net Interest Profiler
CareerOneStop Interest Assessment


What Jobs Can I Get with My Degree?

If you’ve already started on your degree, you may be wondering what job will be the best fit for you after graduation. 

It’s understandable that many college students and pre-college students feel pressure to choose the right degree. However, keep in mind that your degree does not lock you into one specific job. There are numerous career options available with each degree track.

For example, with a degree in communication, you might find your perfect job in public relations, marketing, sales, media, or journalism. And this is just one example.

Not sure which degree is best for you? Check out some of the most common jobs that are available with our most popular degrees.


What Degree Do I Need for My Desired Career?

In addition, you might already have a career in mind and be wondering what degree you need. If you already have an idea of the job you hope to secure after your college days, we can help you figure out what degree is best for achieving your desired career path.

If you already have your dream job in mind, check out this list to find out which degree will best help you achieve your career goals.


How Grace Has Helped Alumni Launch Their Careers

Serving the Elderly – Angela Banks

Angela Banks is a Grace alumni who graduated in 2020 from the associate’s degree program. She now works as a service coordinator at an affordable housing community for the elderly and those with mobility issues. Through her time at Grace, Angela was prepared for her calling to serve the needy in this way through both her classes and her relationships with Grace faculty. To read Angela’s full story of how Grace equipped her as she went from student to professional, click here.


Remote Enrollment Advisor – Kaylee Skelley

Some alumni like Kaylee Skelley even go on to launch their own careers working at Grace Christian University. Kaylee graduated from Grace in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Although she and her family live in Phoenix, AZ, she works remotely for Grace as an enrollment advisor for our online programs. She writes, “I can honestly say that if it was not for my time at Grace Christian University I would not be where I am today or be the person I am today.” 


Shepherding Youth – Derek Clark

Derek Clark completed his AA at Grace in 2020 and continues to take classes online to further his education. Years ago, Derek began serving as a volunteer at his church, Grace Community Church. After receiving his degree, Derek transitioned to serving full-time as the Youth Minister.

Derek shared, “My education has been impactful in the position that I am in.  I have learned so much about theology and biblical history and it has given me a stronger foundation in my personal faith.  Earning a degree from Grace Christian University has helped those leaders over me see that I am serious about being a leader in the community and that I am committed to serving.”

IT Team Leader – Michael Van Vels

Michael Van Vels completed his degree at Grace Christian University in 2021. He now lives with his wife, Grace, who he met during his senior year at Grace. 

During his time at Grace, Michael worked in the IT department for two years. Now, he works at National Heritage Academies in the IT department, leading a team of 8 men at 6 high schools who are providing IT services for these schools throughout Grand Rapids and Detroit. 

Michael is thankful for how Grace Christian University prepared him both professionally and in his walk with the Lord.


Pursue Your Calling from Student to Professional at Grace Christian University

Are you ready to start pursuing the calling that the Lord has placed on your life? At Grace, we are dedicated to helping our students understand the talents and giftings that the Lord has placed on your life to use for His glory.

Request more info about Grace Christian University today!

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