Ministry Training at Grace: How Grace Prepares Students for Service in Ministry

Sep 4, 2023 | Blog

Ministry training at Grace is built into both our academic programs and student life. If you’re pursuing a vocation in ministry, Grace is a great place to get the training you need!

Below, we’ll talk about the ministry programs at Grace, ministry training at Grace outside the classroom, and we’ll share about a few Grace alumni who are doing great work in ministry.


Ministry Programs at Grace

No matter what type of ministry service you’re preparing for, the ministry programs at Grace will equip you with what you need to excel. 


On-Campus Undergraduate

Are you interested in getting the full Grace Christian University experience? Our on-campus undergraduate programs combine excellent academics with rich student life. 

The Grace school of Bible & Ministry offers two on-campus undergraduate programs: Biblical Studies and Leadership & Ministry. Both of these programs will prepare you for service in ministry by giving you a thorough biblical foundation and practical ministry skills. 


Online Undergraduate

For some students, attending Grace on campus is not an option. That’s why we provide high-quality online programs that are flexible enough to meet each student’s needs. 

Students pursuing an online ministry degree at Grace have two excellent program options: the Associate of Arts in Leadership & Ministry and the Bachelor of Science in Leadership & Ministry

These online undergraduate programs lay the foundation you need to be a leader wherever Christ calls you in the field of ministry. 


Online Graduate

Interested in diving even deeper into Scripture, theology, and practical ministry skills? Consider Grace’s online Master of Arts in Ministry program. Through this program, you will grow in ministry leadership abilities and prepare to minister in our complex modern context. 


The Bible and Theology Core

Even if you’re not in a program that is specifically tailored towards service in ministry, every program at Grace includes our Bible and Theology Core. See our Academic Catalog to learn more!


Ministry Training at Grace Outside the Classroom

At Grace, we’re dedicated to graduating courageous ambassadors for Christ who make an eternal impact wherever they go. This isn’t just limited to students pursuing a degree in ministry. Our desire is to equip every Grace student this way. That’s why ministry training at Grace isn’t limited to the classroom.

Student life at Grace is full of opportunities to grow in your faith and practice real-world ministry. For personal growth in the faith, we have chapel services, Bible studies, and prayer groups that students are encouraged to plug into.

If you’re looking for community-focused ways to serve, check out our student ministries! We’re so proud of the ways our students serve our community and the world around us. 


Ministry Stories from Grace Alumni

Many Grace alumni go on to serve in ministry roles. It’s a delight to see how these alumni are using their training from Grace to make an eternal impact. 

Here are three alumni we’d like to highlight who are serving in ministry in exciting ways:

Aaron Smith received both his bachelor and master’s degrees in ministry from Grace. After graduating in 2019, Aaron went on to become a youth pastor. He currently leads an online youth group through which he’s pioneering new ways to combine technology and ministry. 

Anna Lange leads a young ladies’ Bible study in Mobile, Alabama. She graduated from Grace in 2016, and speaks highly of the ways Grace prepared her for ministry outside of college. She writes, “Through my opportunities with Christian ministries while at Grace, I learned how much serving others brings joy to all…I was able to lead several Bible study small groups while at Grace, and those experiences gave me the confidence to continue leading Bible studies after graduation.”

Christopher Cornell Jr. graduated from Grace before going on to Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He currently serves as the Dean of Biblical Studies at Plymouth Christian Academy, where he enjoys teaching and ministering to students about the Bible. He says, “I love seeing students have their own ‘aha!’ moments with their understanding of God’s Word.”

We’re so proud of our alumni and thankful for the ways God is using them in ministry! 


How Are You Called to Serve the Kingdom? 

No matter who you are and what gifts and talents you have, you’re called to serve Christ in some way. Ministry training at Grace equips you for service both inside and outside the classroom through Bible courses, local ministry opportunities, and rich student life. 

Grace Christian University is the perfect place to prepare you to serve wherever the Lord calls you. Request info today and start your journey to ministry! 

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