Formal 2019

Formal 2019

The Night of Class: Grace Formal 2019

As hues of orange, pink, and gold touched the horizon on March 30, 2019, Grace students joyfully boarded the S.S. Grace. The Clearwater Place transported Grace Christian University students back to a more refined, elegant time. As students arrived and handed in their ticket, the venue filled with the roar of chatter and laughter. The worry of homework, responsibilities, and hardships left the air for a few hours – leaving room for a night of delight. After the scrumptious chicken, potato, and stir fry dinner, the men and women came together to learn how to ballroom dance. Through every stepped on toe, uncounted step, and successful foxtrot, a joyous memory was made. The Grace students twirled the night away through each classy dance. This activity reflected what being on the Titanic would have been like. The night was sprinkled with elegance and laughter. As a senior, these small moments matter so much. It was a night of pure joy to remind us why we are continuing to push through the final stretch. I did not realize how fast time would go, but I am so grateful for all the memories that I have made during my time at Grace. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to a place that has been my home for four years, but it is moments like this that remind me how bittersweet it is. This formal definitely did not “sink,” rather it was one that will never be forgotten.

A special thanks to the organizer, Danielle Boyd. She did an incredible job of making sure the night was classy and special. Her leadership skills brought the event together and it functioned well as a whole–she was definitely a great captain for the S.S. Grace. And a special shout out goes to the Special Activities Committee and all the volunteers who took the time to give the students a memorable night.


Written by Taylor Wahl


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