Faculty & Staff

Robert Kilgo

Assistant to the President

Stephanie Allen

Marketing Content Coordinator

Tedra Allen

Director of Academic Advising

Erin Anderson

Salesforce Assistant

Gary Bailey

Athletic Director

Cynthia Becker

Business Office Assistant

Thomas Bignall

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Kyle Bohl

Associate Vice President, Student Affairs & On Campus Enrollment

Amy Bolkcom

Career and Campus Counselor

Kayla Bosma

Communications Coordinator, On Campus

Ann Brown

Grace Dining Services

Emily Lazor

Advancement Coordinator

Gerald Browning

English Faculty

Dan Bryska

Accounting Specialist

Mark Carroll, EdD

Professor of Youth Ministry, School of Biblical Studies

Kurt Classen

Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Kevin Cook

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Aaron Cope

Director of On Campus Enrollment

Caleb Couch

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Dani VanOrder

Academic Advisor, Online

Matthew DeYoung, PhD

Dean & Assistant Professor of School of Business

Dean Dykstra

Assistant Professor of History

Bob Eluskie

Director of Information Technology

Jody Ferguson

Senior Financial Aid Specialist

Andy Ferris

Audio Production Instructor

Joshua Foggy

Senior Enrollment Coordinator, On Campus

James Gamble

Dean of Students

Megan Gascho

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Brian Gleason

Director of Business and Finance

Stephen Gowdy

Vice President of Advancement

David Greydanus, JD

Associate Professor / Chair of Criminal Justice

Pamela Grissom, EdD

Assistant Professor & Program Champion of Organizational Leadership

Cynthia Haas

Chorale Accompanist

Taylor Hartley

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Hannah Weber

Financial Aid Specialist

Kiuan Hearns

Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Madison Hetzler

Director of Online Enrollment

Phil Holmes

Vocal Instructor

Mitchell Holt

Network Engineer

Linda Holton

Associate Registrar

Erinn Huebner

Student Services Librarian

Britt Huff

Academic Assistant

Sherita Jahaziel

Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences and Human Services

Cory Jamieson

Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Information Director

Nathan Johnson

Director of Maintenance

Kizombo Kalumbula, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Becky Karsten

Community Life Coordinator

Mali Korc

Records Specialist

Brittany Kozakiewicz

Talent Management Assistant

Adam Kregel

Enrollment Advisor, On Campus

Cynthia Krummrey

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Sherea Lacy

Associate Vice President, Talent Management

Lauren Green

Senior Records Specialist

Phillip J. Long, PhD

Professor of Biblical Studies, School of Biblical Studies

Matthew Loverin, PhD

Professor and Dean, School of Biblical Studies

Patrick McGillicuddy

Assistant Professor/Chair of Pastoral Ministry

Melissa Moran

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Austin Olson

Student Account Specialist

Lonnette Ostrander

Applied Piano Instructor

Brittany Pallaria

Assistant Director of Online Enrollment

Megan Patten

Senior Financial Aid Specialist

Meghann Patterson

Enrollment Advisor, On Campus

Timothy Peterson

Vocal Instructor

Rick Pilieci

Campus Pastor

Kimberly Pilieci, PhD


Kurt Postma

Director of Financial Aid

Michelle Postma

Senior Records Specialist

José Riverón

Spanish Faculty

Jacob Rodgers

Assistant Professor, School of Biblical Studies

Dawn Rodgers-Defouw

Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences and Human Services

Timothy Rumley, PhD

Associate Provost / Accreditation Liaison Officer

Morgan Runion

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Angela Sanabria

Enrollment Advisor, Graduate Online/Bilingual Program

Janice Schregardus, PhD

Professor of Human Services

Ethan Schulert

Academic Advisor, Online

Barri Seif, PhD

Associate Professor/Director of Online Teaching Effectiveness

Scott Shaw, PhD, DMin

Dean / Professor of Human Services, School of Social Sciences and Human Services

Luanne Shaw, DNP

Science Faculty

Brian Sherstad

Executive Vice President

Pamela Sherstad, PhD

Professor of Communication / Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Cynthia Shyne, EdD

Faculty, Criminal Justice

Linda Siler

Advising Registrar

Statia Smith

Director of Graduate Online and Bilingual Enrollment

Bernard Smith

Academic Advisor, Online

Mark Sooy

Assistant Professor/Chair of Leadership and Ministry, Online/Director of Online Curriculum

Zechariah Sorensen

Associate Vice President, Enrollment & Marketing

Paul Sweet, PhD

Professor and Graduate Program Champion - Ministry, School of Biblical Studies

Hilary Vegh

Assistant Director of Enrollment Operations, On Campus

Kyle Vegh

Assistant Professor, School of Biblical Studies

Allison Verhine

Senior Enrollment Advisor, Online

Samuel Vinton, DMiss

Professor, School of Biblical Studies

Douglas Vriesman

Vice President of Business & Finance

Ami Walker

Director of Advancement and Acting Alumni Relations

Beverly Wallace

Student Account Specialist

Bradley Webb

Systems Administrator

Jason Werkema, PhD

Dean / Professor of Music, Worship, & Technology

Kreg Westergren

Senior Enrollment Advisor, On Campus

Mark Weymouth

Drum Instructor

Colton Wolfe

Enrollment Advisor, Online

Ashley Xiong Vang

Assistant Director of Facility Services