Homecoming 2013 Highlights

Thank you to all who came out for this year’s Homecoming 2013. It was a beautiful weekend at Grace Christian University. The sun was shining as Alumni and friends headed to the college for an eventful few days. The banquet was a delightful experience as we celebrated the end of the “Beyond the Bricks Campaign” and reflected on the last few years of the revitalization of our Campus. The Men’s soccer team dominated their opponents, winning the game for the Tigers on Friday along with the Women’s Volleyball team defeating Emmaus on Friday and playing some competitive matches on Saturday. Also, we had some exciting views from the sidelines at the 2nd Annual Ultimate Mud Frisbee Tournament. This year there was even more mud and the juniors dominated this year’s victory, taking the trophy! We had a wonderful turnout as students, staff, alumni and friends came out to give it their best shot.  Lastly, Dan George welcomed the crowd for the men’s and women’s alumni games and those gathered for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  Mr. George gave a short personal history of inductees: Jodie DeVree-Kline and Gary Bailey, Men’s Basketball coach, and some of their stats and achievements as well as a wonderful welcome to both into the Hall of Fame. At the end there was an opportunity that was given to fans, to purchase one or more bricks honoring our student athletes. Multiple bricks were purchased and we are hoping for more in the future. We are so thankful for all the hard work and dedication that you all have shown to Grace Christian University over the years and your Alumni Relations Office is very excited to see the continuing success of Homecoming and the relationships that are being made. You, Alumni, are the identity of Grace Christian University. Here are just a few pictures that highlight the successful weekend…



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