Do You Remember…From Amy (Adams) Martin, Class of ’88

Amy AdamsVolleyballWhen I think of my time at Grace, I have to admit that classes were outranked by the people time. My first thoughts are of people and our time together. What they shared of themselves and how they impacted me, whether it was students or faculty. My memories consist of sitting in the dorm hallway late at night, talking and sharing with each other. Bonding with the “stranger” called your roommate, and becoming sisters. The never-ending Risk game that we had in the cafeteria. Touring with Women’s Chorus – spending hours on the road together and becoming a family. Trying as a group to throw off Mrs. Dewitt by starting our hand bell song a measure early; and not succeeding! The homes we stayed in and supporters we met while traveling for the drama “The Great Divorce.” Realizing that my high school friends had no idea who was president of their college, nor did they have the opportunity to have conversations or meals with him. Their president also did not approach them and ask specific questions about their family, and know their names. Sneaking out with friends to place fruit loops on a tree, but not counting on the rain making it a mess. Getting to know my future mate. As a student body coming together in worship and prayer. What I brought with me from Grace….. was family and life.

HusbandWedding photo Cliff TulsieMy freshman year, my roommate Becky Church and I were wandering around campus introducing ourselves and trying to learn names. “Hi, I’m Becky”, “Hi, I’m Amy”, “Who are you?” We had just walked into the mail room and met Cliff Tulsie and Bob Martin as they left the Rec Room. They had been playing games, and had a joke going with the word “right”. When we asked for their names, they told us that they were Cliff Tulsie and Bob “Right”. For some time, we kiddingly referred to Bob as “Mr. Right” until we learned his real name. And although Becky dated Bob for a short time, I married him!

On a side note: My in-laws met when it was Milwaukee Bible College. My parents, Darla and Ray Adams, met at Grace.  As of next August, our third son to attend Grace will enter as a freshman!
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