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Shark Tank 2015

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Shark TankAn event unlike any Grace has hosted before, Shark Tank tested the waters at Grace. The room was lined with chairs and couches quickly filled by nerves and anticipation. The student body met in the Rec Room for an afternoon of ideas. In the background a 10 hour loop of the “Jaws” theme song played on and on; duh dum, duh dum… and snacks decorated tables. Bubbles floated up past the gray foam shark that swallowed up the TV and swirled around the fishbowl which held, Tank, our mascot. There were five large chairs lining the legendary blue stage with five “sharks” waiting to chew on the students’ ideas.

A new year called for a fresh take. That means rethinking the way Grace Bible does events. It is now the students’ turn to dream up, plan, and carry out events. This year 8 event ideas were pitched and all 8 groups will be given the opportunity to bring these events to fruition. Community Life at Grace will provide the financial means and any other resources the student leaders may need as they embark on this journey. This way, events at Grace are for the students and by the students.

The 1st event idea was presented by Nicholas Ewald.

Grace World Championship Wrestling: a fun night of wrestling, fans, smoke machines, lights, music, and food.

The 2nd event idea was presented by Kerri Classen, Adam Schultz, Alyssa VanStrien, Lexi North, and Nate Striebel.

Grace Carnival: an event with over 10 games, many prizes, food, sumo suits, facepainting, a photo booth, a dunk tank, popcorn, and cotton candy.

The 3rd event idea was presented by Jacob Betts and Jerad Clark.

Bro Time: a bi-weekly event that will meet at the Sandlot for a time of honesty, understanding, support, accountability, and trust. Men only.

The 4th event idea was presented by Dale Carper and Brien Cheseboro Jr.

Rake Lawns and Bake Pies: an event geared to serve those in our community. A group of students will go house to house and rake leaves and then in the spring come back with baked pies (homemade, by the students).

The 5th event idea was presented by Tasha Reed and Lisse Schuerman.

Salsa Night: a cultural night that will reduce stress through a salsa instructor and the consumption of chips along with all different varieties of salsa.

The 6th event idea was presented by Jenn Alward and Jackie Rumenapp.

Klein Dinner Parties: a monthly event where 3-4 students and 1-2 staff members and their families will join these ladies in their apartment for a full course meal, conversation, and new friends. (May involve more apartments over time.)

The 7th event idea was presented by Antonio Purciare and Zach Schuete.

Grace Comic Con: a night of comics, movies, fantasy, and any costume you can bring! There will be food, local comic shops, Dungeon Master, and at the very end there will be a community movie.

The last event idea was presented by Salem VonKreighton.

Talent Show: for students who want to share their talents which often go unnoticed in a school of music art majors.

Each presenting group was well received by their fellow students. Many questions were asked and many more laughs were had. Ideas were shaped and molded by the student body and carefully considered by the sharks. In the end, Shark Tank at Grace Christian University was a success that will hopefully fuel student leadership in community life and events for years to come.

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